Organisation operational plan

You will assume the role of a Customer Service Manager at BizOps Enterprise for this task. You will need to access the following documents from the BizOps simulation.
•    Organisation operational plan
•    Work–life balance policy
•    Professional development policy
•    A copy of your position description (Customer Service Manager, BizOps Enterprise)
Use the information provided to you in the email to complete the following tasks. As your work ethic could have a significant effect on the work culture and patterns of behaviour of others in your workplace, your response must reflect the level of responsibility of a customer service manager.
1.    Prepare a to-do list using any software or application of your choice that will allow you to track your performance. Some of the popular applications are:
a.    Phone calendar
b.    Microsoft Outlook
c.    Microsoft Excel
d.    Todoist (freeware available online at
e.    Plenty of free apps such as To-Do List, To-Do-List, to-dos
2.    Produce a document that describes how you prioritised the competing demands for your time on Monday morning. Include a copy of the to-do list you have developed in task 1.
3.    Using the feedback form template provided in Appendix 1, develop a series of questions that help you to identify ways to improve your own competence in this role. The form should be suitable to give to colleagues, staff and customers.
4.    Create a personal development plan in accordance with the BizOps organisational plans and policies that outlines your:
a.    career objectives
b.    personal goals, aligned with BizOps’ plans and directions
c.    personal skills and knowledge assessed against units of competency BSBCUS501 Manage quality customer service and BSBMGT516 Facilitate continuous improvement (these units can be found at http:/
d.    new skills that need to be developed
e.    training and development opportunities

Reference no: EM132069492



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