Practical Project using Arduino

Student Name: AMIT SINGH

3. Assignment Brief

  • Oral presentation (30% Marks)
  • A written report for the briefs detailed below (2000 words). This will be worth 70% of your overall module mark.

There are two elements to the reoprt assessment:

Part I:  Practical Project using Arduino  (50 % marks)

Students are, in groups, expected to design and build a Line Follower Robot using an Arduino microcontroller. You wil be expected to demonstrate your robot at a race event to compete against other groups. Further details of the project and race event will be supplied on moodle. 

You will be working, in groups but will need to provide an individual submission in the report detailing the project

Note: Student should use Fritzing Software (free to download) to show the hardware diagram of his/her project using Arduino note: if in the event campus access makes producing a prototype on site not possible students will be able to send CAD files to enable laser cutting, 3D printing of any required parts to enable home construction. Other items may also be possible to be made but only with a suitable technical drawing and prior discussion with technician and allowance of appropriate time. 

* More details about the assignment’s requirements is given in the pdf file.

Part II: Simulation of a pneumatic system (50% marks)

Design a pneumatic system using Festo FluidSim 5 Software  

The desired output in the pneumatic system shown below will be an automatic sequential/ alternating retraction of piston in two pneumatic double-acting cylinders. Both cylinders will not retract at the same time, but the double-acting cylinder #2 will be depend on the position of double-acting cylinder #1, either at 0 mm or at 100 mm (full retraction)

  1. Describe the name and operation of each component shown in the pneumatic system diagram shown in Fig. 1
  2. Use Festo FluidSim 5 software to build the pneumatic system shown in Fig.1
  3. Draw the displacement diagram of the system
  4.  Describe the operation steps and discuss your results.

Figure 1: The diagram of the pneumatic system for the automatic sequential motion

Individual submission:

  • Report (2000 words) detailing the 2 elements of the assignment. 

The student must apply the knowledge gained from the module lectures and lab experiments. In addition, it is expected to apply programming skills gained from the class to modify the configuration and settings.

The report should demonstrate the work carried out, methods, testing and results, with reflections on activity and outcomes. 

Report should be word-processed using a font size of 12 and 1½ line spacing and submitted in Word format. Paginate the document and use suitable  headings. You can make use of photos and videos if desired to help communicate activity and provide evidence of operation (upload and place youtube/video link in report).

It would be advisable to write your report as a technical report:

  • Introduction
  • Aim
  • Background
  • Technical content
  • Evaluation and reflection
  • Conclusion 
  • Bibliography/references (use harvard style)
  • Appendices (if any)
  • Similarity is strictly not allowed.

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