cutting continues in primary forests and ills

(20) 1. gilDvAr0 (F. D G) -COB B . , xir .. . . ” )1( ‘ . ‘1, II 4. A4•li ) ,t,, S. DvF Bv G ,,, 21 .. :1;,,,.; ..3:), :*.”‘ ‘ (a) I. (P•M) 0 (Sy T) 2. (-Sy A)D F . 1,,,..10,,, 3. (-Sv 8) D M •1. P 4. ,•G IT (27) I. , D ci). (Q , 2:v ii *(22) I. (-K • -N)D l!-PDA,(-120Gil . ( 2 8 ) 1:.. (( I::: DB )) • (( 1) ‘ ” 2. A 0 N 3. By I, (2.3) I. C-AvD,D(83F) 3. A v 8 2. (8v C) D M D E) 4. -Pv -8 3. N• B / G (29. ) 41 .. H(R ,11:)•ISDI): : : 3. -II, 0 T) ,. (-11. -L)D(RvS) 4. -A / Ev F 130) I. (IV • X) D (Q, ad) I. (/D Is-)• (-0 3 -P) 2. (L D/)•(-M.D -0) 2. (Sy ,) D (Qv it,) 3. -K D (/. v -,11) 3• (SvG)D(–,Dx) .. Qv S 4. -K•G / •-P –Q• H , 9 IV. Translate the following arguments into xint ‘,die form and usc the first eight rules they• are listed. of Inference to derive the conclusion of c.i, li. Use the letters in the order in whtdi *1. If topaz is harder than quartz, then it will scratch quartz and also fild,,,, Topaz is harder than quartz and it is also harder than calcite. Ther•fore enter, to, will scratch quartz or it will scratch corundum. ( 1, Q, ,, ,… (A ‘ ‘ 2. If cieJr, cutting continues in primary forests and ills. Imslancered Species A is not repealed, then either the Endangered Sp…. A, i will he repealed: thousands of animal species will become extinct (‘Iran :um, continues In primary forests. The Endangered Species Act will not be repealed. Themarc, thousands of animal species will become extinct. IC. F. I. I 3. 11 either executive salaries are out 01 i ow rol or csor Imam bonuses arc paid, then either shareholders will be cheated or otsti nary workers will be paid less. Executive salaries are out of iontrol and the rich are go. ling richer. It shareholders are cheat,, then tutu, ini.c,lor, will stay Way, also, if ordinary workers are paid kss. then ,. mounter spending will decline. It either future investors stay a was or- consumer spend’, declines, then the economy will suffer. Thereto,. i he ..,roomy will suffer. (S. B. C. P. R. F. D. E)
If eillw. ,,nalst el pain or”Y needless *4. “I- 1,„ tt’ them; human “”‘””‘ cpolo eau :ad’ animals are mere mechanisms-:,’, be subjected to needlms pain. P. S., Ill S. liftt1:14=:=2.°u”..°71;;Ty.:=4::::;icri;;:tt taking antidepre……., …op. if either half the nation suffers from depression or sufferers want a real cure, then it is not the case that everyone wt… antidepressant drugs. Half the nation suffers from depression. Therefore, it is not the case that either the insurance companies or the psychiatrists will have I. P. E. w 6. either parents get involved set then children’s education or the school year is lengthened, then if the children learn phonim. their reading will improve and If they arc introduced to abstract concepts earlier, their math will improve. If either parents get involved In their children’s education or nebulous subjects are dropped from the curriculum, then either the children will learn phonics or they will be introduced to abstract concepts earlier. Parents will get involved in their children’s education, and writing lessons will be integrated with other subjects. Therefore, either the children’s reading or their math will improve. (P.S. L, R. I. Af, *7. If either manufacturers will not ..tincentrate on producing a superior product or 1111 they will not market their product abroad, then if they will not concentrate on producing a superior product, then the trade deficit will worsen. Either manu-facturers will concentnite on producing a superior product or the trade deficit will not worsen. Manufacturers will not concentrate on producing a superior product. Therefore today, business managers lack imagination. (, M. 8. If either medical fees or malpractice awards escape restrictions, then health-care costs will soar and millions of poor will go uninsured. 11 the the doctors get their way, then medical ices will escape restrictions. Either lawyers get their way, then malpractice awards will escape restrictions. If the doctors or the lawyers will get their w, and insurance companies will re-sist refonn. Therefore, health-care costs will soar. V. D. I) 9. If we arc less than certain the human fetus is a pets., then we must give it the benefit of the doubt. If we are certain the human fetus is a person, then we must accord It the right to live. lf either we must give the fetus the beneftt of the doubt or accord it the right to live, then we are not less than certain the fetus is human and it is not merely a part of the mother, body. Either we are less than certain rho human fetus is a person or we are certain about it. If we are certain the human fetus is a person, then abortion is immoral. Therefore, abortion is .moral. (L, G, C, A. M, *10. lf the assassination of terrorist leaders violates civilized values and also is not ellect tve in the long run, then if it prevents termrist atrocities, then it is effective
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