meeting with key internal stakeholders

You have determined that to start this project you need to set up a meeting with key internal stakeholders. You decide to do some preparation before the meeting by answering the following questions:

1.      Identify four stakeholders (Roles &/or Job Titles) who you would invite to your first meeting.

2.      Outline the requirements and/or questions that each of these stakeholders are likely to have in relation to the new equipment upgrade.

3.      You will require the stakeholders to support the project. For each of your invited stakeholders outline two requirements.

4.      Prepare a meeting agenda based on your response to questions 1, 2 and 3 above.

Part 2

You will also need to meet with external stakeholders. You prepare some material before meeting with them:

1.      Identify four separate stakeholders (Roles &/or Job Titles) and develop a list of two issues or concerns each of them are likely to have (total of eight).

2.      Prepare a response to two of these issues/concerns.

Part 3

As part of your initial assessment of this project, you prepare a project scoping document for your general manager. In your submission briefly cover the following:

·  the project goal

·  what is to be achieved

·  how is it to be achieved

· who will achieve it

·  when it will be achieved

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