Thesis Structure — Research Route

Thesis Structure — Research Route
The first task that you will need to complete is the 1,000-word extended outline for your thesis. This is an important road map for the entire project and needs a great deal of care and consideration. The extended outline will give you and your supervisor a clear perspective of the research project. The outline is also important for good project management. It involves defining your research process, identifying key literature, demonstrating knowledge of the projects contents; and outlines the preliminary plan, which can then be analysed and improved. You must state the identified gap in the literature and explain how your research will contribute to the wider body of knowledge and managerial practice. Please note that the research should have a clear International Business focus. This is a formative task, thus it is a pass/fail assessment. Please note that you if don’t submit or fail the thesis structure your grade of the dissertation will be reduced of 5 points. In evaluating your work your tutor will consider the following points:
Introduction and research question: Laying out the appropriate context for the study. Identifying and justification of the explanatory variables and dependent variables. Identification of the problem, awareness of industry trends. Literature awareness: Identification of key literature/authors of the topic: classics; landmarks; most recent developments. Empirical content: Justification of data type and approach to data collection. If primary data: Types of interviews to be conducted, sampling method and size, will pre-testing be done, identification of and solutions to potential problems; reasons for methodological choices made; accuracy, completeness, level of detail, and clarity of reported information. If secondary data: quality of data, reasons for choice, accuracy, completeness, and level of detail. Coherence and logic between sections of outline/action plan: Each part of the writing should be appropriately connected to yield a seamless product that is functional for finishing the final document. Methodology: Suitability for the task at hand; identification of technical, statistical and analytical tools and/or software that will be used; awareness of methodological issues and of limitations of study; awareness of research integrity, honesty and ethics issues. Conclusions Findings: Possible outcomes or contingencies identified and briefly discussed. Appropriate writing standard: Correct use of grammar, spelling, and syntax Bibliography and Referencing: Correct use of Harvard referencing requirements.

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