can you please show the work.. thank you in Black New Tab MyUn Sign in Learn…

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can you please show the work.. thank you in Black New Tab MyUn Sign in Learn…

can you please show the work.. thank you
in Black New Tab MyUn Sign in Learn @ cheggc GetH Mic x Sign .pdf 1) Choose one molecule from the set and create an 8-step synthesis scheme using the chosen molecule as your starting material. You need to write the complete set of reagents and draw the product expected from each step. Reagents typically used together are considered one step, e.g. 1) LAH 2) H20 should be considered as one step. Your 8 steps must include at least one reaction from each of the chapters, aldehydes and Ketones, carboxylic acid derivatives, alcohols. You can repeat a reaction only once therefore your scheme could have 2 oxidations maximum etc. ol OH SY он More specifically, your scheme can include: a) oxidations b) reductions c) Grignard reactions d) acetal formation/cleavage e) Wittig reactions f) reactions or synthesis of an acid chloride, ester, amide or anhydride g) a reaction with SOCl2 or PBr h) any reaction to synthesize or react alcohols i) Iminelenamine synthesis/hydrolysis j) novel reagents such as Gilman and modified reducing agents. 8-step Synthetic Scheme:
In Black New Tab E MU Sign in learn cheg: Geth Mic x C 8-step Synthetic Scheme: Mechanism 2) Choose one of your steps and draw the complete curved arrow mechanism for the conversion. Be sure your curved arrows are clearly shown for the step you choose. Transformation for mechanism SING
Spectroscopy: 3) Choose one Intermediate in the scheme and list 2 peaks you would expect to see in the IR spectrum. Be sure to indicate the functional group and the approximate wave numbers. IR Peak List: IR Peak List Functional Group Approx. wavenumber Intermediate for IR Also, choose another intermediate and indicate 4 sets of hydrogens and list the approximate chemical shifts and the splitting you would expect to observe for the hydrogens shown. Label your H set A-D. H Set Splitting Chemical Shift DOO Intermediate for ‘H NMR analysis e PW SUSTINE
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