Managing Internal Organizational Change

Propose a change management plan for dealing with an upcoming internal organizational change within a criminal justice agency based upon the following scenario:

You are a senior level administrator within a large statewide corrections agency. Your agency is embarking on a project to implement a new automated offender management system. The new system will not only consolidate automated functions in several different existing legacy systems, but also automate many manual processes that deal with the tracking and handling of offender data. Once implemented the new system should improve the tracking of offender data, as well as streamline some existing processes. It is well known that many of the line and middle management staff within the agency are resistant to the automation of tasks that they have been performing manually. Additionally, the system implementation will require a phased approach over a three-year period. During some phases of the project staff will potentially have to use a combination of the new system-existing legacy systems and existing manual processes to perform their daily tasks, which are already stressful given the nature of dealing with offenders. The head of your agency has asked you to create a change management plan that includes the following items: Recommendations for managing the upcoming internal organizational change resulting from the system implementation Identification of potentially negative impacts that might result from the upcoming system implementation and recommendations for addressing those situations Plan for communicating the upcoming changes to individuals within the agency.

Sample Solution

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