The “Weed and Seed” program

The “Weed and Seed” program was a Federal grant initiative that sought to revitalize cities around the country. This competitive grant program combined law enforcement strategies with community development and was used in hundreds of cities around the country. The Office of Justice Programs ran this program for a number of years until further funding was denied. A subsequent program, known as the Byrne Criminal Justice Initiative, addresses many of the same goals.

Prepare a report analyzing the Weed and Seed program.

Review the program’s history. How did it come about? How many cities were impacted?
Describe the goals of the program and indicate how the goals and methods of the program align with the theories presented in this course.
Explain which restoration strategies of the Weed and Seed program are congruent with the ideas of social control theory and social disorganization theory.
Analyze whether the neighborhood crime factors that the Weed and Seed program identifies can be legitimately handled by police. Which of these need the involvement of other groups and agencies within the community? Why?
The Bureau of Justice Assistance and other Department of Justice sites have reports documenting the program. Select a city that was served by the Weed and Seed program. Assess how successful the program was, in terms of reducing crime rates.
Based on your understanding of neighborhood crimes, what five suggestions would you recommend for better results from the Weed and Seed program? Provide a rationale to support your recommendations.

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