What is your organization?

This is a group project. The outline from our group discussion is in the files. Also, to help better understanding the project, the powerpoint from the class is also in the files. Just write the 3.concept and 5.execution part.
Project: You and your group (groups of 3) are nonprofit program design consultants. It’s April 15, 2021 and following the draft’s results, it’s your group’s job to pitch the Top 3 picks in the WNBA draft (our group is Awak Kuier ) on a strategic CSR program that will have a significant impact on the community and strengthen each player’s brand.  Utilize the language from the Monitoring & Evaluation workshop and in class activity to inform your project.
4-5 page paper. Papers are expected to be of high quality and submitted in the correct format. Assignments will be graded on content, organization and presentation of key points and strategies in a pitch to the WNBA players . All written work is to be typed, double-spaced, with a 12-point font and 1-inch margins. Please use APA format.
Guidance for your paper
The sections in your paper should include:
Introduction: Who are you? What is your organization? Define your program and the key stakeholders involved.
Cause: What wrong are you trying to right? Why?
Concept: What is your idea? How will it benefit both the specific target community and the player’s brand? Define the program’s design and basic logic model using templates derived from the M&E lecture and activity from Class #4.
Target Audience(s): What groups of people will benefit most? Why? What value will the program add?
Execution: What steps will you take to bring this concept to life? What forms of media will you choose? Why? What is your message? What is your call to action? How much will your program cost and how will you pay for it?
Conclusion: Why will this work? How will you measure success (including ROO/ROI)?
It is a valuable skill to write concisely. The short page limit is designed to challenge you to make a crisp and compelling written argument. Make the most of each and every word. You are encouraged to draw from the readings and class discussion, but you are also highly encouraged to present innovative approaches to your task. Spelling errors, grammar errors, incomplete sentences and general poor writing will significantly impact your grade. Multiple rounds of proof-reading and editing are highly encouraged.

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