Bill owns and has operated a bicycle shop

Bill owns and has operated a bicycle shop in a major regional town since 1 July 2011. He lives 15 minutes from town on 5 hectares with his spouse. The property is on two titles. The 4 hectare block has their home and was purchased in joint names. The adjacent 1 hectare has a large shed and workshop/studio apartment that existed when the blocks were purchased and in which they lived while building the house and was purchased only in Bill’s name. Both properties were purchased at the same time, on 1 November 2009, and the home was completed and they moved in on 1 December 2010.
The annual gross turnover from the bicycle shop last year was $1,200,000 and he expects this to increase by around 10% in the current year.
Each year he arranges for the storage of bicycles purchased, if required by customers, in the shed for pick up in the week before Christmas. Generally these start to be stored from July. In addition he has stored some second hand trade-in bikes acquired mostly in February to October which he drops off at the Mens’ Shed every month. These are reconditioned by the Mens’ Shed members and donated to charity. He has undertaken these activities since July 2015.
During the current year he has undertaken an extension to the shop premises which was finished in April costing $200,000. This additional space will discontinue the need for storage away from the shop.
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