Interpreting Philippians 2:1-10

Interpreting Philippians 2:1-10 Read all of the book of Philippians in a standard translation of the Bible as noted in the syllabus. Pay special attention to 2:1-11. Read Chapter 46 in Jesus is Lord. (You may also review Chapter 2 as well.) Use Bible Study Tools as a resource. Write a 400-500 word essay that explains and applies some particular verses out of Philippians 2:1-11: Start with a brief introductory paragraph that identifies the specific verses you chose to focus on and why you chose those verses. Study the passage closely and see how it fits into that chapter of scripture. Write approximately 200 words that explain the meaning that your selected verses had for the original author and audience. You should describe the contents of the passage and any points that clarify what it would have meant in its original setting. In the course of your explanation, you must make at least one citation from Jesus is Lord or from an outside resource such as a reputable commentary, which can be found at the Bible Study Tools link (see #3 above). Interpreting Philippians 2:1-10 Then, apply the passage to a contemporary personal or social situation. Write approximately 200 words that make clear links between the original meaning of the passage and the contemporary issue. You may apply the passage to your own spiritual life, family, or job. You can also apply it to larger cultural and societal issues. To complete the application, state clearly what action or stance you would take on your chosen situation or issue based on the contents of the biblical passage. Be sure that you write clearly and in accordance with all APA guidelines. You only need to cite biblical passages with the name of the book then chapter and verse (e.g. Luke 6:32). You do not need a full bibliographic citation for biblical references. FYI: Please Follow directions you can google Bible Study Tools to get the information you need. Interpreting Philippians 2:1-10
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