Health & Medical Discussion Question

Health & Medical Discussion Question

Part I: For this assignment, you will virtually or in-person visit 5 facilities in your communities and neighboring cities which provide an older adult fitness  the program/opportunity and create a resource paper including each of these facilities. Observe the facility or view their website. Obtain information about the fitness programs available for the aging population (senior, elderly) at the facility. All five (5) fitness/recreational facilities/centers must include all pertinent information on what programs are provided specifically, why its important, how much it cost, and where it is located, when is the program offered, and how does it benefit the aging population. Remember, you may also use your local City Parks & Recreation Program Guide to locate these five (5) facilities. Each facility/center should have their information written in a separate paragraph. If you use the website to locate information, the webpage links must be provided as references at the end of your paper. If you visited the facility, a “selfie” photo must be attached for each facility/center. If both a selfie and internet link are provided, extra credit will be given.

Part II: In addition, you should use creativity and ingenuity to identify or design a potential fitness/recreational program for the aging population which is NOT currently in place, which would benefit older adults by promoting fitness in their community. Explain the specific details about its purpose, what’s being provided specifically, why its important, and where it will located, and what may be some of the obstacles of this fitness program for seniors.

Your paper must adequately provide all the required information on the facilities/programs and their older clients. Points will be deducted for papers not written on the college level, excessive grammatical and syntax errors, and in paper format. (Proof read your work before submitting!)

Requirements: 4 pages | .doc file

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