Kinematics and/or kinetics of particles

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o Kinematics and/or kinetics of particles, rigid bodies or machines • You will perform research into the dynamics of your chosen system and Ise the chosen theoretical concepts in dynamics to describe the approach o predicting the motion of the system. • fou will develop a specific example of your system (with realistic numbers derived from research) and use principles in dynamics to derive equations of motion for your example. You will solve the equations of motion using analytical and/or numerical methods and present and
discuss your results/predictions in relation to the expected system behaviors uncovered through your own research. • You will write a report in which you discuss the dynamics of the chosen system and present your example, results and discussion. Your report most use the following structure: o Introduction (approx. one page): • Describe the system under consideration • Describe in your own words your chosen concepts in dynamics used to describe the dynamic behaviors of your system in general terms, and describe how these concepts can be used to examine your chosen system. o System/Problem Example (approx. two pages): • Provide an example of your system, and use this example to develop/solve equations of motion for the system considered. • Your example should include realistic measurements for the physical structure, mass, inertia, force/torque, velocity, acceleration etc. that are sourced from your research or appropriately reasoned. • Draw free body diagrams of your system, detailing and rationalizing any approximations you have made, then apply theoretical principles to develop equations of motion. o Results and Discussion (approx. two pages) • Solve your equations of motion using analytical and/or numerical methods and present results illustrating the behavior of your system • Discuss the system motion/behavior using your results and relate this to the expected system behavior from your research. o References • Provide citations for all researched information, figures etc. o Appendix: MATLAB/Octave code • If you use MATLAB/Octave code in this assignment, please provide it in an appendix o The main body of the report (includes the Introduction, Example, Results and Discussion) has a strict page limit of no more than five pages. Your references and appendix are not included in the page limit
Submission Instructions:
• You should submit a single report file (pdf or word doc format) according to the report format outlined above. The main body of the report should be no more than five pages; the references and optional MATLAB code appendix are not part of the five-page limit. The report should have your name and SID clearly written at the top. You will submit this report using Turnitin on the course’s Canvas site by Saturday 5th June 11:59pm.
Assessment Criteria:



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