Intercultural Competence Discussion Paper

Intercultural Competence Discussion Paper

This module focuses on cultural competence and how that impacts attitudes, values, and
beliefs. For this assignment, you will explore how cultural competence influences how people
choose to interact with others.
There are two parts to this assignment. You will be watching some videos and answering
questions about bias, stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination.
Part 1:
For the following concepts, describe and give an example of each:
1. Cultural competence.
2. Bias
3. Stereotypes
4. Prejudice
5. Discrimination

Part 2:
Watch at least two of these clips below and answer the questions that follow.
 Possible bike thief caught in the act: What Would You Do?
 Diners are upset over OCD waiter: What Would You Do?
 Transgender man is bullied by former classmates: What Would You Do?
 Homeless man refused a meal at restaurant
 What Would You Do: Sales clerk discriminates against Sikh man
 Black customer racially profiled in high end store: What Would You Do?
Address the following:
1. Using at least two of the videos above (or find a different WWYD video), find examples
of each of these concepts and describe how each apply.
a. Bias
b. Stereotypes
c. Prejudice
d. Discrimination
2. Examining the impact that bias, stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination have on
relationships, how did the attitudes and behaviors seen in the videos impact the

behaviors of those around them? What impact did the actions of the actors in the
videos have on your attitudes, emotions, and behaviors?
3. In order to demonstrate cultural competence, how would you manage yourself if you
were to witness one of the situations above?
4. Self-awareness of one’s own attitudes and beliefs is a major component in cultural
competence. Why is self-awareness of these things important in your interactions with
other people? How does it impact behavior towards others?
5. Define and differentiate between acceptance and tolerance. How would acceptance and
tolerance be important in situations like those demonstrated in the videos? How does
practicing acceptance and tolerance in interactions with others improve relationships?
Provide examples.
● Follow APA guidelines to format your response
● Support factual information and assertions with credible and/or scholarly sources
● Use in-text citations and include a references page – APA format

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