Theory News Production Research Approach

Theory News Production Research Approach

General assignment description:

The assignment asks you to raise your awareness regarding mass communication theory in everyday life or media content. The assignment consists of three main components: data collection, data reporting, and analysis, plus an initial sign-up.

Data collection:

From your personal observations of your life and the (media) environments through which you move, identify four examples of everyday life or media content that can be explained by “your” theory that you chose during sign-up.

Data reporting:

Using the format in the table below, list your four examples of how “your” mass communication theory intersects with or explains everyday life or media content. Be sure to provide both required components, a) the description and b) the explanation of how the example supports the theoretical perspective. Also be sure to list “your” theory in the table.

Bonus points:
Out of your four examples, you may provide proof for up to three elements of “your” theory in everyday life or media content. Provide proof in the form of photos, screenshots, copied/scanned newspapers, or similar and insert these into your Word document below the pertinent example. If you do this, you will earn up to three bonus percent (one percent added to your final paper grade for each proof, up to three percent).

Sample Table

Theory: Uses and Gratifications Approach (NOT one of your five options; just an example here)

Example 1


Here you would describe your example, such as a political meme you saw on Facebook.

Tie to theory

Here you would explain briefly what exactly from that meme ties it to which specific aspect of your theory.


Here you would insert your screenshot.

Example 2


I have two roommates and they like to watch Fox News together. One of them laughs a lot while watching, the other is very serious about listening to the news.

Tie to theory

Uses and Gratifications would explain that the roommate who laughs is watching Fox News to “gratify” her entertainment need, but that the roommate who is listening attentively is watching to “gratify” her need for information. This exemplifies how audiences actively choose media to “gratify” their needs.


Choose one of your examples from the table you created and write a more in-depth analysis of how “your” theory is reflected in this example. Be sure to include,

the key assumptions of “your” theory. If you quote from the textbook or another source, be sure to use in-text citation and quotation following APA style, as well as listing your reference at the end in the appropriate format.
Use the info on this site to get your in-text quotation and citation, and your full reference at the end of the paper, correct in APA style as explained here
(Links to an external site.)
Next, discuss how easy (or not) it was for you to identify the situation/example described as an example of a life or media situation that could be explained by “your” theory.
Then, provide one argument that explains why “your” theory is strong in explaining this example, and another argument that explains a weakness “your” theory has in explaining this example. The arguments must be clearly separate from each other, not just the flipside of the same idea. This is not English 101, so you can put “first” and “second” to help us distinguish between your arguments.
Note: Please do not refer to “my theory” (or similar) in your paper. Instead, simply name the theory. For example, “According to the Uses and Gratifications approach, audiences gratify their needs through active media choice.” would be the appropriate wording (instead of, “According to my theory, audiences gratify…”).


Your analysis section (NOT counting the table) needs to be between 450 and 550 words. If you are either below or above this range, 10% will be deducted.
Also remember to include your word count at the bottom of your paper or points will be deducted. Providing an incorrect word count will be treated as an honor code violation according to FSU’s honor policy.
Submit your completed paper to the right place (via Canvas, Assignments, Critical Analysis Paper #2) by the deadline (Sunday, April 4, 2021, 11:59 pm EST). A 10% deduction per calendar day will be taken until you submitted correctly. After 5 late calendar dates, your paper will no longer be graded and be assigned zero points.
Please note: Be sure to actually submit your paper, and not just upload it. You should see a confirmation screen and also see a visual mark in your grade book once you submitted correctly. Attempting to submit but missing a step is not an acceptable excuse and you will receive the late penalty as applicable.
Put your name, course number, semester, assignment name at the top of your first page. No cover page, please. Double space, with typical 1 inch margin, 12-point Times New Roman or comparable font and size. Points will be deducted as applicable.
If you fail to sign up for one of the five theories, or you sign up for one theory but write on another, 20% will be deducted. If you write on a theory not listed on the sign-up, you will earn zero credit.
For other grading details, see the grading rubric.T

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