The ASCA Level 1 Resource Manual

PARTICIPANT’S DETAILS First Name   Surname   Email   Phone   Address   Course Dates Course Location Course Coordinator       YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED AssignmentTutorOnline Q. Where can I find the resources to assist me to complete the workbook?…

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MA609 Business Analytics and Data Intelligence

Chapter 4 AssignmentTutorOnline Decision Analysis MA609 Business Analytics and Data Intelligence Week 6: TUT6 Questions: The following payoff table shows profit for a decision analysis problem with two decision alternatives and three states of nature:                                                                                                                    State of Nature Decision…

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Reaching Cinemagoers

CASE STUDY I 245PART 2 CASE STUDIESCASE STUDY 1Reaching Cinemagoers — Palace Cinemas: Lavazza Italian Film Festival Michael Valos, Deakin UniversityWhile cinemas are an advertising channel that organisations use to reach audiences, cinemas also need to use a mix of…

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The new operations agenda

The new operations agenda The business environment has a significant impact on what is expected from operations man-agement. In recent years there have been new pressures for which the operations function has needed to develop responses. Table 1.2 lists some…

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Scheduling Project Work

CHAPTER 7 AssignmentTutorOnline Scheduling Project Workne of the primary features that distinguishes project manage-ment from general management is the special attention to scheduling. Remember from chapter 1 that Dr. j. M. juran says a project is a problem sched-uled for…

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