Performance and Revenue

You are the chief financial officer of a nonprofit that has just received a conditional grant to expand its probation program for prisoners in the state of Virginia. The program is in a major urban center, and each probation officer carries a case load of ten prisoners. In addition, the nonprofit operates five days of meetings each week for both an Alcoholics Anonymous program and a Narcotics Anonymous program for prisoners on probation.
The foundation that supports your nonprofit has requested that the organization develop a performance measurement system which includes a financial management review. The foundation is particularly interested in doing what it can to improve the morale of probation officers who are struggling with high caseloads.
The nonprofit must create input, output, and outcome measures. As CFO, you are asked to work with program staff to develop a set of performance measures that will be included in the foundation’s performance measurement system. You are also tasked with stating some revenue clarifications for non-financial management.
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you include responses to the following questions:
Performance Measurement *What types of performance indicators do you use for inputs, outputs, and outcomes? *Are there any process performance indicators you can develop? *What about efficiency measures? *What about effectiveness measures?
Revenue Clarification

*What are the major sources of revenue for nonprofits?

*What are Member Motivators? Provide an example.

*Which nonprofits can be considered Big Bettors?

*How do Public Providers compare with Policy Innovators? Provide examples of each.

*Why is diversification so important for some nonprofits?

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