Prepare a research paper on Global Economic Effects of Covid-19 crisis.

Research Paper Guide:The title for the research paper is Global Economic Effects of Covid-19 crisis.

The paper should be written in APA format and have at least 10 sources of reference. Uses sources from United States. This link has very important information

The paper must have the following:
Title Page.
c.Causes of the Covid-19Pandemic Crisis
d.Comparison of Covid-19 Crisis and 2008 crisis
e.Economic impacton United States economy
f.Economic impact on developed and major economies
g.Policy responses in United States –Fiscal Policy and Monetary policy
h.Policy responses in Europe, Japan,China, Germany,and Italy
i.Impact on the Environment

The first step in your economics research paper is finding material from sources such as government sites, research journals, books, and newspaperarticles. Avoid getting information from,, personal blogs and opinions. Highlight important points, write notes, and paraphrase information from the sources. Avoid plagiarism.

Beginning with the title page, every page of your economics researchpaper should be numbered on the upper right corner. Do not number the pages with artwork and figures.

The order of your paper should be Title, Introduction, Research contents with all subtopics, and References

.introduction of the paper must include the following:
Highlightthe importance of the topic
•Makegeneral statements about the topic
•Present an overview of your research on the subject.
•Givea brief overview of the structure of the paper.
•Describe important results
Research Content:Write the main body of the paper using the headings listed above.

Follow the guidelines provided in theapastyle link.References:The Reference list must be typed on a separatepage at the end of the report. All sources of facts or information used must be listed alphabetically in APA style.Get information from varied and relevant sources like government sites, newspaper articles, books, and Economics research journals.

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