Assignment: Community Assessment and Diagnosis

Assignment: Community Assessment and Diagnosis

The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to conduct a partial community assessment and diagnose one area of need for health promotion related to an identified population.

Assignment Guidelines
The paper will begin with an overview of your selected population, providing the reader with a rational for the importance of the health assessment and will include demographic details to provide context for this work. Students will then conduct an assessment using the Population Health Promotion Model. The student will provide rational outlining why the selected model was chosen before discussing 3 determinants of health. An analysis of the assessment data will be included. Assessment data will form the basis of a community diagnosis. Make sure to include:
Describe and provide the rationale for the selected population/group you have chosen.
Include relevant demographic and epidemiological data.
Outline the assessment methods used:
Population Health Promotion Model, provide the rationale for your choice, select 3 determinants of health, and complete an assessment in relation to the group.
Analyze the assessment data of the community using the chosen community assessment model. Provide a concise analysis of the assessment data.
From your analysis you have the opportunity to formulate several community diagnoses. Write one clearly written community diagnoses. Outline if it is a wellness or deficit diagnosis.
Provide rationale for the community diagnosis supported by the analysis of the assessment data for the community.
Marking Criteria
Each element of the assignment guidelines is addressed.
Ability to analyze, evaluate, create, and engage in critical inquiry is evident throughout.
Adheres to APA 7th edition, scholarly format. Make sure the paper is 7-8 pages long.

Assignment: Community Assessment and Diagnosis


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