Outlook of the U.S. Economy

Create a graph based on your own data from the websites provided in “ADDITIONAL MATERIAL”. The graph can not be copy and paste from the websites, you must get your own data from the websites to create your own graphs.

-The data founded in the websites can be enter in the search bar presented in the website #1 and it will give you the option to choose dates. There is a photo in the “Additional Material”.

-The graph needs to be made from current trend of the most important macroeconomic indicators (this includes those indicators we discuss in class like GDP, Unemployment, Inflation, Consumer Spending, Corporate Profits etc), and explain why you choose such indicators and how is it important to the economy. What makes or does not make sense in your graph. You should be explaining this parts using your prior knowledge and then some data to support your claim and how does the data support or change your prior knowledge. It’s just a brief summary of the economy outlook. However, a minimum of two pages is required in this part. This includes your graphs.

-The data from this essay I want to be taken from the three websites provided in the Additional Materials. You can’t copy and paste a graph, you must get the data and create it one on your own. You can get most/all of your data from the websites below:
1. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/
2. https://www.bls.gov/
3. https://www.bea.gov/

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