ou Have Been Hired as the Administration Manager of an Organization of Your Choice Your Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has Directed You to Conduct a Training: Business Operation Assignment, DIC, Singapore

Module Synopsis

The aim of this module is to provide learners with the understanding and skills to manage operations in a business workplace to improve their effectiveness and efficiency. Students will be exposed to the areas such as business processes and functions, planning work activities, managing work activities, ensuring quality products and services, managing health and safety and making improvements at the workplace.

Module Learning Outcomes

LO1 Identify the inter-relationships of processes and functions in an organisation structure

LO2 Plan work activities to meet organisational objectives and customer needs in a business context

LO3 Design and propose appropriate systems to ensure the quality of products and services

LO4 Critically evaluate the importance of health and safety in the workplace

You have been hired as the Administration Manager of an organization of your
choice. Your Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has directed you to conduct a training workshop for your staff to provide them with the knowledge and skills relating to the company’s business operations. Your task is to prepare and submit a report to your CEO that covers the following areas:


1. Discuss and illustrate with a diagram the organisational structure of your
company and assess how it has organized its functions to meet its business
process and business functions.

2. Referring to one of the tools, explain how organisations plan projects to
achieve organisational objectives and customer needs in a selected
organisation. Illustrate your answer with a diagram.

3. Recommend to the management of your selected organization, two
improvements that they could make on improving the quality of their
products and service.

4. Discussing the steps in the risk assessment process, suggest two
improvements that you would make to improve health and safety at your
workplace (in the selected organisation)



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