GEOG5010 Research Methods and Experimental Group


The benchmarking of results from the experimental group, against the results of the control group will support the validity of the findings. Reliability is difficult to demonstrate due to the small scale of the study. This is a known aspect of 
qualitative studies due to the small data size. Reliability in this study will be supported by the standardised questionnaires which could be used across different cohorts should there be subsequent studies. The trustworthiness of the study 
can be assessed through the credibility, dependability, conformability, transferability, and authenticity of the research (Elo et al 2014). The data collection method selected for the study has a significant impact on the credibility. 
Data analysis and reporting
I will conduct a thematic analysis of the results to seek insights from this research. Through my thematic analysis I will seek to identify patterns or themes from the results of the data collection for this research (Maguire & Delahunt, 2017). 
In conducting this analysis, I will be following the six-phase guide from Braun and Clark (2013):
1. Become familiar with the data
2. Generate initial codes 
3. Search for themes 
4. Review themes 
5. Define themes 
6. Write-up. 
Results from the questionaries will be analysed and the experimental group and control group responses will be compared, along with the experimental group initial questionaries being compared to the final questionnaire for the group. 
This data will give an indication of the teacher and student perceptions of differentiated assessment compared to test-based assessments. 
In addition, assessment results will be analysed for both the experimental and control groups to determine if, in the context of this study, differentiated assessment had a positive, neutral, or negative impact on student assessment 
outcomes. Results will be evaluated to determine if individual students did better or worse on assessments where differentiated assessment options are provided. The experimental group will be compared to the control group to determine typical levels of assessment results variance.
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