MKTG3040 Services Marketing- Promotion and People


Your task in this assessment is to present a business report to the owner/manager of a service that you visited to give feedback on the service standard that is provided to the target market.
A. Your first step is to decide on the service provider where you have consumed a service product. You are to choose one experience that you have had in 2021 as a consumer of a service to analyse for this assessment task. Please describe the service provider as well as its target market.
B. Secondly, you are to critically examine how well the service operation uses the following two of the 7Ps of marketing for its target market: Promotion and People.
C. Lastly, you are to make two recommendations for the service you are examining. The first should be focused on how either its Promotion or People can be improved, and the second should be about the most possible service failure that could occur to the service provider, and a creative service recovery strategy to address the failure.


1: What is the required structure for this assessment? Do I need to include a Conclusion section?
2: Do the title page, executive summary, and table of contents count towards the total word count?
3: May I use in Assessment 3 the same service provider I’ve worked on for Assessment 2?
4: Should I use in Assessment 3 a service provider that offers high-contact or low-contact services?
5: Should I use in Assessment 3 a service provider that offers high-quality or low-quality services?
6: What would be a good approach to completing the service performance analysis?
7: I am a bit stuck as to what I have to write in the introduction of the assessment. Do I need to state my service experience? Or do I need to state what is going to be covered in the business report?
8: Could you please help me understand how I should complete the “2. Description of the service provider and its target market” section?
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