MMP112 Introduction to Property Development

Question 1. The Highest and Best Use Analysis (HBUA) arises from the fact that land is a productive factor that can have multiple uses. Understanding the highest and best use is fundamental to the valuation and the productive development of land. Use the site information below and the information within the census information to answer Question 1. Question 2. a)    Using the census data provided, list three major findings related with the demographic composition of the Canterbury-Bankstown LGA when compared with the average of Australia using the Census data from the above page. (Recommended length 3 sentences) (3 marks) b)    In Week 2, we learned that there are different types of United Nations sustainable development goals (UN SDGs). Using your development proposal from Question 1, propose two design features which would complement two UN SDGs that would suit the proposal and explain the reason based on your findings. (Recommend length about 3 sentences) (5 marks) (3+5=8 marks) Question 3. Now that you have a certain development plan in your mind from Question 1. Let’s assume that you already own the piece of land that is suitable for your proposed development in Canterbury-Bankstown LGA. However, you would like to see if your plan is legally permissible and be compliant with environmental factors. What factors would you look into? Explain the factors (at least three factors) in the context of legal constraints, one of which must relate to environmental regulation. (Recommend length about 3 sentences) (3 Marks) (3 marks)
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