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Student Number: (enter on the line below) Student Name: (enter on the line below) HC2112Services and Relationship Marketingfinal assessmeNt Trimester 2, 2021 TIME ALLOWED:  24 hours  All answers must be submitted within this time frame. Late submissions are not accepted. Assessment Weight:       50 total marks Instructions: All questions must be answered by using the answer boxes provided in this paper.Completed answers must be submitted to Blackboard by the published due date and time. Submission instructions are at the end of this paper. Purpose:This assessment consists of six (6) questions and is designed to assess your level of knowledge of the key topics covered in this unit. There are 6 questions in the Tutorial Assignment. Once the assignment available, you will have 24 hours to finish and submit it. Each week students were provided with similar case studies and situational questions of varying degrees of difficulty. These tutorial case studies and guide questions are available in the Tutorial Folder for each week on Blackboard. The Interactive Tutorials are designed to assist students with the process, skills and knowledge to answer the provided tutorial questions. Your task is to answer a selection of tutorial questions covered over Week 2 to Week 11 inclusive. It is important when you answer the questions, you do not just copy and paste the answers from other sources, but rather, try to paraphrase it and provide reference (in- text referencing) to your answers. All references must be listed appropriately at the end of the assignment using Harvard referencing style. References provided must follow Reference Requirement detailed on page 6.  In this assessment, you are given 6 questions under cases/scenarios where you will apply service marketing concepts to support your recommendations. Question 1                                                                                                    (11 marks) Watching the video in the link below and answer 3 questions in 300 words. Please apply some theory about segmentation and consumer behaviour to support your discussion. AfterPay 2 references required ANSWER:  ** Answer box will enlarge as you type Question 2                                                                                                    (11 marks) Describe in 300 words about how the three-stage model of service consumption could explain consumer behavior in a low-contact service like investing. 2 references required ANSWER:  Question 3                                                                                                    (7 marks) Explain how the core product and supplementary services are integrated in the context of an overnight hotel stay. Answer the question in 250 words ANSWER:  Question 4                                                                                                    (7 marks) Select a company of your choice. Identify the variables that the company has used to segment their customers. Support your answers with examples from the company. Answer the question in 250 words 2 references required ANSWER: Question 5                                                                                                    (7 marks) Think of two organizations you are familiar with, one that has a very good and one that have a very poor service culture. Describe the factors that contributed to shaping those organizational cultures. What factors do you think contributed most? Why? Answer the question in 250 words ANSWER:  Question 6                                                                                                    (7 marks) What is the difference between enhancing and facilitating supplementary services? Give several examples of each relative to services you have used recently.   Answer the question in 250 words ANSWER:  END OF FINAL ASSESSMENT Submission instructions: Save submission with your STUDENT ID NUMBER and UNIT CODE e.g. EMV54897 HC2112Submission must be in MICROSOFT WORD FORMAT ONLYUpload your submission to the appropriate link on Blackboard Only one submission is accepted.  Please ensure your submission is the correct document.All submissions are automatically passed through SafeAssign to assess academic integrity. Reference requirements Assessment Design – Adapted Harvard Referencing Holmes will be implementing as a pilot program a revised Harvard approach to referencing. The following guidelines apply: Reference sources in assignments are limited to sources which provide full text access to the source’s content for lecturers and markers.The Reference list should be located on a separate page at the end of the assignment and titled: References.It should include the details of all the in-text citations, arranged alphabetically A-Z by author surname.  In addition, it MUST include a hyperlink to the full text of the cited reference source. For example:Hawking, P., McCarthy, B. and Stein, A. 2004. Second Wave ERP Education, Journal of Information Systems Education, Fall, assignments will require additional in-text reference details which will consist of the surname of the author/authors or name of the authoring body, year of publication, page number of content, paragraph where the content can be found.For example;“The company decided to implement a enterprise wide data warehouse business intelligence strategies (Hawking et al, 2004, p3(4)).” Non-Adherence to Referencing Guidelines Where students do not follow the above guidelines: Students who submit assignments which do not comply with the guidelines will receive a 10% penalty.Students who comply with guidelines and the citations are “fake” will be reported for academic misconduct.



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