辅导代写案例-AMME5202 Major Project 欢迎使用51辅导,51作业君孵化低价透明的学长辅导平台,服务保持优质,平均费用压低50%以上! AMME5202 Major Project Due: Midnight Friday, Week 13 Submit online. This assignment should take a typical group 40 hours per group member to complete. You should organise yourselves into groups of up to 4 members to work on this assign- ment, submit one report per group. The report must contain a statement detailing the contributions of the group members, signed by all members of the group. Use Fluent, MATLAB or another programming language to obtain a simulation of a flow field of your choice. Be aware of the computer limitations, if you choose a complex three- dimensional flow field you may not have enough time to properly validate your solution. If you chose to use MATLAB or another programming language, it is expected that the fluid flow will be less complicated since much of the challenge lies on the programming side. Your write-up must be formatted as a report, make sure you use the section headings given below as guide. The report will be marked out of 30 with component marks shown below. • Flow Field (1 mark) A description of the flow field, why you chose it and why it is relevant. • Geometry and Grid (2 mark) How you set up the geometry and the grid you used, including details of sizing functions etc. • Boundary Conditions, Solver Details (2 marks) Details of the boundary condi- tions, solver options, etc. that you selected. These details must be sufficient to allow somebody else to reproduce your results. • Accuracy (8 marks) Details of how you ensured your solution was accurate. • Results and Discussion (12 marks) Your results in the form of vector plots, stream- lines, contour plots and profiles. You must demonstrate that you understand the important features of your flow by identifying and discussing them and relating them to the occurrence of this flow in an industrial or environmental setting. Groups who chose focus on progrmaming will also be marked on their code here. 1 • Presentation (5 marks) Overall presentation, including such things as making sure all figures and tables have captions, all figures and tables are cited in text, etc. Your write up must not be longer than 25 pages.


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