Analyse the forces shaping the HR agenda

Assessment guidanceMarketing Research and Data Analysis

You have been asked by the CEO to compile a report on ‘The developing role of HR within present day business’. Your report should include;

Assessment criterion: 2.1: Analyse the forces shaping the HR agenda.


You could begin with a brief introduction of your business and HR context.

You must analyse how different models of the HR function impact on the HR agenda (in relation to your own organisation or one you are familiar with).

This discussion should be underpinned with theory or models such as:





HR outsourcing

Hard / Soft model

Furthermore, you should explore two other internal forces which shape HR strategies. These could include;

Business objectives

Organisational culture

 Management structure


Stakeholder demands

Assessment criterion: 1.1:  Assess a range of different factors which impact on an organisation’s business and its HR function.



You must provide an assessment of at least three external factors that impact on an organisation’s business and on its HR function. You could include a PESTLE and/or a SWOT analysis to assist you with this activity.

Assessment criterion: 2.2: Compare different tools for analysing the business environment.


 You must compare two different analytical tools used for environmental analysis. You could carry out this comparison in a table.

Options that you could consider using include:

●      SWOT

●      PESTLE

●      Porter’s 5 Forces

●      Boston Matrix

●      Sigma

●      DMAIC

●      Lean canvas

Assessment criterion: 2.3: Explain the key stages in strategy formulation and the implementation and the role of HR. 

Assessment criterion: 2.4: Examine HR’s contribution to business ethics and accountability.


You must explain the key stages in strategy formulation and implementation. You should underpin with relevant models & theories. Ensure that you discuss the role of HR in this.


 You must consider HR’s contribution to business ethics and accountability. You could reference the CIPD code of conduct.

You could also consider Corporate Social Responsibility and corporate governance and HR’s role in these.

You could draw upon workplace examples.

Assessment criterion: 3.1: Evaluate business performance and the role of HR in business planning and the change management agenda.


You must produce a table or chart illustrating both financial and non-financial indicators of how business performance can be evaluated.

You must also include examples that illustrate the role HR plays in:

1) Business planning and

2) Change management.

You could reference Walton & Burgoyne, Lewin, Kotter and Bridges & Mitchell.

Assessment criterion: 3.2: Assess and utilise different sources of business and contextual data for planning purposes. 


You must assess how business and contextual data/information can be used for planning purposes. This could include;

●      Industry information

●      Trends in HR

●      Employee turnover & retention

●      Absence data

●      Government information

 You must assess both business/internal sources and contextual/external sources and comment on how these can be used in business planning.

You could use workplace examples in this section.

Evidence to be produced/required

Evidence to be produced: A report equating to 4000 words in total.

Remember to relate academic concepts, theories and professional practice to the way organisations operate, in a critical and informed way, and with reference to key texts, articles and other publications and by using organisational examples for illustration.

All reference sources should be acknowledged using Harvard-style referencing, and a bibliography provided where appropriate (these should be excluded from the word count).


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