This week, you will consider the historical and ethical contexts of your Course

This week, you will consider the historical and ethical contexts of your Course Project topic. This will provide a factual foundation to help guide your analysis in the coming week.
For this assignment, complete the following.
Definition: Explain your selected technology. What is it? How does it work? What is its purpose?
Timeline: Provide a timeline of major events concerning your technology. Include major developments, regulations, successful events, controversies, or issues.
Ethical Lens: Identify one to two ethical theories that you think will help you further develop your analysis of your selected technology. We discussed these theories in Week 1 (Divine Command, Kantianism, Utilitarianism, Social Contract Theory, Egoism, etc.).
As part of this assignment, you must consult and cite at least three high-quality academic sources. These sources should be from reputable publications that can be found in the DeVry Library or industry publications. Blogs and consumer-oriented “news” sources should be avoided.
A successful assignment will
be at least 300 words in length (about one page, not including title page or references page);
be composed using Microsoft Word and using 12-point Times New Roman;
apply APA format and citation guidelines;
include a minimum of three sources; and
include properly formatted and cited sources using the seventh edition of APA.
Don’t forget to submit your assignment for grading.


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