Case Study for Assessment 1

Case Study for Assessment 1, 2 and 3, MIS 605 Page 1 of 2Marketing Research and Data Analysis
Scenario (The Case)
Book reading is an extremely healthy activity. It has many benefits and above all, it is exciting,
entertaining and a great way to release stress, anxiety and depression. These are not the only
benefits. Above everything; book reading helps in mental stimulation; improvement of memory and
it also helps in improving language skills. It also certainly allows an individual to help concentrate
better. In short, the benefits are enormous.
In recent times we have been introduced to technologies such as laptops, cell phones, tablets and
other technologies but to date, the conventional book reading is something that people cherish and
enjoy in its own way. It is believed that a “book has no substitute” and book readers from all over
the world firmly agree to this.
Cynthia, a young technopreneur and a book lover; plans to open an online lifestyle substitute
business named ‘’. This online business is Cynthia’s dream. Cynthia has formally
registered her new company, everything is in place from a legal perspective and the company now
has ample funds to develop an online website that would support Cynthia’s business idea. would be an extremely interesting website. This website will require user
registration. Children would also be able to register but their registration would be accompanied
with some details of parents and their contacts. The website would only offer individual registrations
and proof of ID would be a must when registering. will offer quarterly, biannual
and annual memberships.
The whole idea is very simple. Registered book readers would be able to launch the books that they
own and which they would want to give away to other registered members. A book launch would
require complete details of the book. It would also require the user to provide the address where
the book is available. Once the book details are provided by the subscriber (registered book reader)
the company’s content manager would approve the book launch request. Once approved, the book
would be available for all users for them to review and/or acquire. The review process would allow
all users to provide feedback and comments about the book and would also allow users to rate the
book. The acquisition process would allow book readers to acquire the book from the book owner.
The users planning on acquiring the book, would make a request for book acquisition. This request
would help facilitate book reader meetup and exchange books. Once the book would be acquired
the book owner would have the option of removing the book. will also allow users to interact with one another via messaging and chat rooms.
Users will be given an option to decide the mode of communication that they would prefer. Off
course all chat request, messages and acquisition request and all other messages are also provided
to the user via email that is provided at the time of subscription.
The website would also provide a portal to the administrator for data analytics. Cynthia is keen to
observe and analyse every type of data that is obtained at this website. For example, she wants to
know which book is being exchanged mostly, she wants complete customer analytics, book
exchange analytics, analysis of book reviews and rating and other similar portals for data analysis.
As soon as the user registration would expire, all book launch requests would be halted by the
system and the users interested in acquiring the book(s) placed by the user whose registration is

Case Study for Assessment 1, 2 and 3, MIS 605 Page 2 of 2
about to expire would be sent an email that these book(s) are no longer available. Users would be
asked to renew their subscription 15 days before the registration expiry date to ensure continuity of
Cynthia does not want this website to be a book exchange platform only. She also wants the website
to provide a platform for all the users to arrange for an online and face to face meetup. She wants to
ensure that any book meetup events that plans should be available to its users.
Users should be able to register for these events which may be paid or unpaid. She feels that these
meetups would be a great source of fun for book lovers and also a source of marketing for the
In order to ensure this website stays profitable Cynthia also wants this website to allow book
authors from all around the world to advertise their books on This functionality,
however, would not require book authors to register with formally. Book authors
would be able to just fill in a ‘book show request form’, provide their details, provide the details of
their book and a credit/debit card number. They would also provide information about the time
period for which they want their book to be advertised on the website. Advertisement requests
would also be approved by the content manager. Once approved, the book authors would be
charged and the advertisement would go live. The ad would be removed by the system
automatically once it reaches the end date. will only allow advertisement of up to
5 books at a time. All advertisement requests would be entertained by the system on a first come
first serve basis. The advertisement functionality is also available for subscribers. In this case the fee
for advertisement is very minimal.
Cynthia wants this website to be upgradable and secure. She wants simple and modern interfaces
and also wants a mobile application version of this website.
Notes for students:
a) This is a hypothetical case study that has been developed to facilitate Assessment 1, 2 and 3
of MIS 605.
b) Students are requested to make assumptions where necessary.
c) Students must read the case study multiple times to understand it completely.
d) The case study is not straightforward. Some information is provided in a sequential manner
and some is given randomly. Similarly, some parts of the case provide more details than the
other. This is purposely done to facilitate student’s learning and thought process.


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