HIM 2 Topic 33 Swim Lane Diagram


It has been mandated that hospitals start using the new ICD-11 classification system.  As the Manager of Health Records atSunshine Hospital, how would you implement this?

Use the Assignment Template (PowerPoint document) to map out your process for this implementation. It is suggested that you make a list as seen on Slide 17 of the lesson prior to beginning work in PowerPoint. You have learned about software implementation in HIM 1. Please refer back to that lesson or the textbook if needed.

The diagram has been started for you. The steps of choosing a blank slide and enabling gridlines are already completed. Note: if you have more than one instance of PowerPoint open, the gridlines may disappear if they are disabled in the other document. If this happens, simply enable them again.

The stakeholders are shown; you can place them in a different order if you like.

Once you have the process figured out, use the Shapes menu to add the appropriate shapes to complete the flowchart as we saw in the lesson and on this video: Creating a Workflow in PowerPoint

Fill in the text and, once complete, disable the gridlines and save as a PDF for submission.

Use only the following symbols:




Connector lines/arrows

Optional: Annotation/Call Out. Use sparingly when you want to add additional information. See Slide 24 of the lesson for details.

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