NS608 Leading and co-ordinating care CW1: Essay – Reflection

Module Code: NS608

Module Title: Leading and co-ordinating care

CW1: Essay – Reflection

Assignment task:

The course work for the Module is a 2,500-word (plus or minus 10%) reflective essay demonstrating your professional development.

You will need to reflect on an incident that occurred in the clinical environment whereby you have to demonstrate a variety of leadership skills. Some examples of incidents may include coordinating discharge, coordinating admissions, transferring a patient, or managing a critical incident on the ward e.g. self-harm, suicide, or physical abuse.

In your assignment you should:

identify relevant leadership and management theories and/or models and state clearly how these relate to your experience and or learning from said experience
evaluate how the patient-led and patient-centred approach has worked or could work (this could include aspects of compassionate leadership)
discuss how nursing leadership was carried out along with how you worked or could have worked with inter-disciplinary and inter-professional teams
demonstrate how you were supervised and assessed or how you provided some form of supervision and assessment

Critical Incident

Any incident where there were inconsistencies in the processes that put the patients or staff at risk. This could be minor or major. Example admissions, discharges, transfer of care, abuse, self-harm or suicide.

Introduction 350-500 words

Scene setting

Include aspects of the assignment related to the learning outcomes

Identify some of the key points

Briefly mention the incident

Body 1500 words

Briefly describe the incident

Integrate the political and economical landscape. Make reference to local policy.

Integrate leadership theories and link them to team dynamics, the setting, and your role in the team.

Discuss interdisciplinary and interprofessional working

Evaluate care co-ordinating/ care co-ordination.

Finally, discuss the role of supervision

Conclusion 350-500 words

Summaries the findings




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