Registered Nurse Practice Standards and National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards

Assessment 1 – Written essay

Assessment 1 is designed to demonstrate your learning and achievement of the following course objectives:

CO1. Describe the bio-psycho-social, cultural and historical factors that shape the conceptualisation of mental health, mental illness and mental health care.

CO2. Explain the statutory regulations that apply to people experiencing serious mental illness.

CO3. Explain how recovery values and attitudes and strengths-based approaches inform contemporary person-centred mental health nursing care.

CO5. Differentiate between the clinical presentations associated with mental health conditions.

CO6. Apply pathophysiological knowledge of mental health conditions to inform nursing care and clinical decision making in responding to the mental health needs of a person.

CO7. Apply principles of quality, safety and risk management in the nursing care of people with mental health conditions.

Assessment Description 

Word count: 3,000 words

APA 7 style referencing: 12-15 academic references

This assessment incorporates course content focused on contemporary nursing care which promotes recovery principles and considers the historical underpinnings which continue to challenge health professionals’ attitudes today. In this assignment you will refer to course readings to answer the assignment questions and apply the concepts to the case scenario of Mark, a person you will meet in your first Online Workshop in Week 2.

You will be required to watch the video of the nurse’s handover of Mark and meet Mark in your Online Workshop and complete the activities with your class.

You will need to read the comprehensive mental health assessment and analyse Marks case to identify common symptoms of mental health challenges present and describe Marks strengths in coping with the complications of his illness.

You will describe the use of statutory regulations (inpatient treatment orders) in providing treatment to people like Mark and how to best support the consumers’ ability to engage in decision making as part of their care planning using the Registered Nurse Practice Standards and National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (2018).

Finally, you will reflect on your learning from the course so far in reference to your first reflective statement which you will complete in Week 1 of the course during your first tutorial.


To complete this written assignment, you will need to address the following criteria in Parts A, B and C. You will begin your assignment with an introduction and conclude your assignment with a conclusion. You will need to include a reference list at the end of the assignment. 

Introduction should include a general statement about the topics of the assignment and background information. Outline the structure of the assignment including the main points to be addressed in the essay  

(approx. 200 words)

Part A

-Describe one of the critical historical factors that have influenced the development of contemporary approaches in mental health care today and how stigma was represented in the handover of “Mark” in the Online Workshop.

-Analyse the principles of the Recovery model and the ways they support the human rights of people like “Mark”, accessing mental health care today.

(1000 words, 5-8 references)

(Weighting 30%)

Part B

-Review the comprehensive mental health assessment of “Mark” and using a person-centred approach, identify the specific mental health issues that are impacting “Mark” including challenges and strengths.

-Explain how the impact statutory regulations (inpatient treatment orders) have on the person experiencing serious mental illness and ways the decision-making processes of the health care team should inform the person’s care plan using principles from the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (2018).

(1000 words, 5-8 references)

(Weighting 30%)

Part C

Reflect on your learning process throughout this course and assignment.

In your first tutorial, you were asked to write a short paragraph, reflecting on your knowledge and assumptions about mental health care. You will use this statement in Part C to reflect on your learning so far.

-Describe which concepts have impacted your learning the most and developed your understanding of the lived experience of people with mental illness.

-How has this course changed your thinking about mental health care delivery? In what ways has your understanding of Recovery in mental health changed?

-What questions do you have now as a result of what you have learnt in the course so far?

(600 words, no references)

(Weighting 30%)

Conclusion should include an evaluation on the main findings of the assignment and a statement that shows your position or thoughts on the main topics. Only include ideas that were developed and supported in the body of the assignment. No new concepts are to be included in the conclusion.

(200 words, no references)

Academic writing style and referencing using APA 7 style referencing

(Weighting 10%)

Academic Writing and Format Guidelines

This assignment must be written in an academic format that is 1.5 or double spaced using Arial font size 10, and be appropriately referenced using the APA 7 referencing style. References ought to be no older than 5 years unless you have found a significant reference by a foundational theorist which was published prior. Please proof read and spell-check your assignment before submission. Please do not exceed or go below the prescribed word limit by more than 10% or you will attract a penalty grade deduction. Late assignments submitted without extensions are penalised at 2 marks per day. Please refer to the University’s Assessment Policies and Procedures section PROCEDURE AB-68 P4 relating to the remarking and resubmission of assignments.

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