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Dries, each from a different perspective

ite theory, your reason of choice and how you apply it in
3 NM-RUM-10h.,
To get started on your assessment task, please follow the below instructions. This is a group assignment.
In groups of 2, follow the instructions below:
Create an A3 poster that represents 3 theories, each from a different perspective. You might like to choose theories from the Developmental, Socio-cultural. Socio-Behaviourist, Critical or Post Structuralist perspectives. For each theory, indicate the perspective it refers to and insert 4 different examples of information that illustrate it. Please note: 1 example of information should be a paragraph that explains the theory in your own words. The other 3 examples might include a image — drawing — quote – poem…etc. The 4 examples together should provide the reader with an overview of the theory.
At the end of the poster, include 300 words to indicate your favourite theory. the reason of choice and how you can apply it in your practice as a teacher.
Write correctly, check grammar, spelling and sentence structure.
CIInclude in-text referencing and a reference list of at least 3 sources written according to the APA Style.
The two students will upload the same assignment.


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