Fieldwork 1


Fieldwork 2

Learning portfolio


A one page description of what you have done in the project

Just give a brief overview of what you did during the project – case studies researching, reading etc.

The case studies completed – include information such as

Background of the cases – a brief summary from the information you have been given

Areas of concern – what were the key areas you identified as being of concern

Services recommended – what kind if support does the person need – where might you find that support?

A summary of any research /reading to give more detail about how you would manage such a case. – what other reading did not do and what di you learn about the issues in general.

A brief reflection on learning experience  – what did you learn and how will you apply that in your future career?

State each of the objectives highlighted in Assessment 1 and explain why you identified that as an objective

Describe how you worked to meet each of those objectives,

Identify any difficulties that you faced (me being so busy, COVID restrictions etc) and how you overcame them

the key things that you learnt during the placement (for example information about mental health, community resources)

How do you think you went during the placement?  Give examples of things that worked well and any areas that you want to continue to develop

What knowledge and skills did you develop, both personally and professionally?

Paperwork – this will be separate and does not need to be uploaded to Blackboard with the portfolio .

Supervisor report – l will give this to you when I have seen your work

Log book – I will sign off your completed hours


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