Learning community


Word/time limit: 1000

Use Australian curriculum

8 references



In Assignment 1A you assigned yourself to a learning community, where you prepared the first part of a report for the principal, which identified, described and justified two significant resources to be used for teaching the Technologies curriculum within your learning community.

In Assignment 1B, working in the same learning community, you will formulate a response to the following three key requirements requested by the school principal:

Using the two resources identified in Assignment 1A, you are required to provide a clear plan of what students will be doing (e.g. activities) in the Technologies domain. You must consider both the Digital Technologies and the Design and Technologies subjects (400 words).

Analyse a range of suitable assessment strategies that you would consider using in the teaching of the Technologies curriculum to assess student learning. Include in your response, if relevant, the benefits, limitations and/or implementation constraints of your assessment strategies (400 words).

Provide a brief critical reflection on the significance of the Technologies curriculum in developing 21st century skills (200 words).

References must be presented in APA referencing style. The reference list does not contribute to the word count.



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