SHN5152 Volunteering in Sport, Health and Nutrition

Module Code: SHN5152

Module Title: Volunteering in Sport, Health and Nutrition

Total suggested length is 3000 words.

Learning Outcomes:

Appraise multiple relevant personal and professional skills for related careers including digital skills.
Critically reflect on own personal and professional skills for and within the workplace.
Demonstrate satisfactory professional performance across the placement and placement periods.
Evaluate and reflect on the contribution made through voluntary activity and demonstrate understanding of the limits of knowledge and skills in this context.

Placement Project: Career planning and research

This project is designed to replace the professional placement element of the PDP module or volunteering in sport, health and nutrition and should be submitted in full via Moodle by noon on ???. Total suggested length is 3000 words.                                                                                                              

Academic conventions, including Harvard referencing where appropriate, should be observed at all times.

This project consists of three elements; Research, Application and Reflection relating to your chosen or intended career path.

Please read the following tasks carefully and contact your module leader if you need clarification or are experiencing difficulties with the work.

You are required to answer all sections of this fully and draw on external sources of evidence for your thoughts as appropriate.

1. Explain the career path you intend to research and why you have chosen this particular career to research. (500 words)

2. Outline and explain the training and qualification framework of your chosen career (500 words):

Why do you think you have the correct attributes to be successful in your chosen career?
What qualifications are required to enter your chosen career and what post graduate training is required to be successful in achieving your career goal?
Does your career goal require professional accreditation or qualification and who provides this?

This aspect should include references using the Harvard referencing system.

3. Describe the kind of work you will be engaged in and the skills and attributes you will require in order to be successful in your chosen career. You should include reference to psychometric assessments if applicable and their outcomes to assess your skills and strengths and weaknesses (500 words).

4. How do the skills and experience you currently possess match those you have described in (3) above? Select five of these skills and attributes and explain how you can focus on developing these whilst you are completing your degree (500 words).

5. Research three of the major employers in your chosen career (circa 500 words).

Where does the organisation operate and what are the key services it provides to clients/customers?
How does each organisation recruit staff? Are there any clues as to the kind of people they are looking to employ?
How does each company provide for training and career progression?

6. Undertake a free LinkedIn Learning or open learn course of no more than 20 hours which would help develop your skill set identified in point 4 above and improve your overall knowledge. Screenshot or download your final certificate and submit it with this work in Appendix 1

7. Summary and conclusion of your report. Please include your certificate of completion from point 6

Reflective statement

In no more than 500 words reflect on the additional employability skills that you have gained during this assessment, and they have developed from the first attempt


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