Web Design

IMED 1316 – Web Design I
Working with Div Layout
For this assignment you are being given information, content, and images for a website you will construct using
div layout structure. You will need to set up your site starting with a root folder and then an images folder
inside of that. If necessary, refer to the section notes on file management from week 1.
In a zip file you are being given a background image and 4 image designs: one for the homepage(baseRev.jpg),
faculty page, student page, and donor page. The color scheme for the site is as follows:
background color of the web page: white
hyperlink navigation color: #638396
hyperlink hover color: #d9e2eb (this is a challenge for you to try to make work. It’s okay if the feature
doesn’t work)
font/text color: #638396 and #5c7c97 (one color may work better for content where as the other for
font type, this includes hyperlinks: Arial
You will create a 4 paged website. All of the links should go to their designated pages. Each page will be
structured with proper layout using div tags but you will be given the content for just the home page and the
faculty page. Those are the only two pages that will have paragraph content. Again, the entire site will work but
you are only required to place given paragraph content in two of the pages. The other pages will look
normal…will be a part of the site but be void of any paragraph content. All pages should have a functioning
navigation. The next page houses the content for both the home page and the faculty page that you will need
to use.
Your website will be based on CSS either linked or embedded. You are utilizing the images given, the color code
information given, the content given to develop this page. The visual images you are given to show you an
example of what you are working towards should not at all be used in anyway within the coding of your
website, they are for reference. You may code this using notepad, text edit, or other basic processor as we’ve
been using thus far. You may also use Dreamweaver if you desire to do so.
If you have questions, please ask.

HomePage Content (it is not necessary to make email addresses or
anything else that appears to be a link in the paragraph content actually
link anywhere. Only the navigation for all pages in this website need to
About the Symposium
The Student Symposium is a conference for students to present their academic work in a formal conference setting to an
audience of students, faculty and other supporters. It is open to all LSCS-CyFair and Fairbanks students and will accept
proposals from any discipline.
The Symposium is sponsored by the Honors Program at LSC-CyFair, and presentations are welcome from any student in
any discipline who has shown outstanding performance in that discipline.
Feel free to contact any of the Symposium Committee: Paul Donaldson, Heidi Green, Stacy Gresell, Paula Khalaf, Jamili
Omar, Sunnye Pruden, Matt Turner, Padmaja Vedartham OR CFHonorsProgram@lonestar
Faculty Page Content
We are seeking nominations from faculty of students who have shown outstanding work in class, especially including
transitional students and students who are performing at an Honors level. If you have a student or students you’d like to
nominate, please visit:
2010 Student Symposium Nominations.
Nominations are due by April 27, 2010 by 5:00pm.
After nominating your student(s) please print the following Nomination Letter and issue to the respective student(s).
Another way faculty can help…

Bring your classes to be audience members. We will have the tentative schedule posted here as soon as
nominations close so you can select the time/room you want to attend.
Bring your classes to walk through the poster sessions.
Encourage students to attend the presentations or posters on their own.

The work showcased at the Symposium is the “best of the best” at LSC-CyFair/Fairbanks, and your students will see
wonderful examples of the work they can be doing.


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