ACCT5011: Accounting Systems in the Digital Age

Practical Assignment Guide, Semester 2, 2023

Due Date for Submission: Monday 11th September 2023 at 5.00 PM

Please note that the Folio Assignment for ACCT5011 Accounting Systems in the Digital Age is an individual assessment task worth 30% of your total marks in the unit. Please refer to the online marking rubric for an explanation of how individual marks will be allocated for this assessment task. The assignment is to be submitted online through the Blackboard “Assessment” folder.

High standards of academic integrity are expected. You are referred to the URL link provided in the ACCT5011 Unit Outline (see: Academic Integrity Website) for further information on Academic Integrity and originality.

No Turnitin submission is required for the Folio Assignment file because it is not a written submission, but an original Microsoft Office 365 / Excel Assignment.


To detect any academic misconduct, we will conduct vivas (i.e. short interviews with some students) on the assignment. Students will be randomly selected.

Interviews will be held face to face or using Blackboard Collaborate.


Question 1: Interactive Dashboard / Strategic Competitive Position     (10 marks)

Using Microsoft Office 365 / Excel, prepare a single interactive dashboard of the key ratios that you feel would help an analyst to evaluate the strategic competitive position of the two companies you have been allocated (see attached list of allocated companies).

Please note, to create the ratios you must use the company data tables provided (i.e., Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet). Ratio calculations should be shown on a separate table / worksheet to the interactive dashboard.

Please select any four ratios from the following categories: Liquidity, Asset Management, Leverage / Debt Management, Profitability, Cash Flow and Market Based Ratios (see ratio analysis lecture material provided).

In addition, to the four ratios selected, students are also required to calculate the Altman Z score for the two companies allocated. Altman Z score calculations should be detailed on a separate worksheet.

The single Dashboard should contain, at a minimum: 1) two different chart types; 2) images of company brand and other graphical images related to each company’s business; 3) filters for data in your charts to engage user interaction with your Dashboard; and 4) Title and text boxes to explain the charts and diagrams in your Dashboard.

Question 2: Excel Case Study: APAC Data Model                                   (15 marks)

Case study detail: – imagine you are a recently appointed graduate accountant in APAC International Limited and your manager has asked you to investigate the overall sales and profitability for the company and to identify key areas for improvement and present your findings to the board. Using Microsoft Office 365 / Excel and the APAC Data Model provided (see Assessment folder), prepare a two-page interactive dashboard of your findings and recommendations. Your analysis should include all areas: customers, products and regions (i.e. locations). Please note, remember to select data model when creating and inserting pivot tables.

The visualisations should contain, at a minimum: 1) two interactive dashboards; 2) different chart types, and tables; 3) calculated fields; 4) filters for data in your visualisations to engage user interaction with visualisation; and 5) Title and text boxes to explain the charts and diagrams in your visualisations.

Question 3: Cash Budget                                                                               (5 marks)

Using Microsoft Office 365 / Excel create a cash budget (use dynamic arrays where possible) for September to December 2023 for Pasta Food Services, a small food provider to retail outlets. The staff of the firm has compiled the following set of assumptions and forecasts to be used in the cash budgeting process:

Actual and expected sales through to January are as follows:


Note: * July and August sales are actual

50% of sales are for cash. Of the remaining 50% of sales, 60% is collected in the following month and 40% is collected two months after the sale.

Raw materials inventory purchases are equal to 50% of the following month’s sales (e.g., July purchases are 50% of expected August sales). 70% of purchases are paid for in the month following the purchase, and the remainder are paid in the following month.

Wages are forecast to be equal to 25% of expected sales.

Payments for leases for equipment are $15,000 per month.

Tax payments of $25,000 will be paid in September and December.

$160,000 is scheduled to be paid in October for capital investment, but management is flexible on the scheduling of this outlay. Use the Scenario Manager to show the optimal month for the investment.

Pasta Food Services must keep a minimum cash balance of $20,000 by agreement with its bank. Its cash balance at the end of August was $35,000.

Format Requirements and marking note

The Folio Assessment task must be submitted online as one MS Excel workbook file with a separate cover page. Please note, the following submission format requirements:

Cover-page is to be submitted with full student name, student ID and student signature. Please note that this cover sheet is to be submitted separately to your Practical Assignment MS Excel workbook.

When naming your Cover Page in MS Word, please use the following file name protocol:

Student ID_Surname_Practical Assignment_Cover Sheet.docx.

Folio Assignment task is to be submitted with full student name and student ID. Please note your MS Excel workbook file is to be submitted separately to your cover page.

When naming your MS Excel file, please use the following file name protocol:

Student ID_Practical Assignment.xlsx

Please Note: It is your responsibility to make sure that the above uploaded files can be successfully opened by the marker. The marker will only mark the visualisations that you provide and normal late penalties as per the Unit Outline will apply if the Unit Coordinator has to request them again. This can result in a zero mark for the assignment depending on how much time has passed.

Total marks = 30%

End of final assignment guide

Company Allocations for Practical Assignment

NoStudent IDSampleNoStudent IDSampleNoStudent IDSample121272521Sample 13721218994Sample 377320426181Sample 13221609187Sample 23821106345Sample 387421399873Sample 14321202654Sample 33921336689Sample 397521302949Sample 15419704375Sample 44021389557Sample 407621454675Sample 16521423154Sample 54121135048Sample 417718607790Sample 17621293519Sample 64221105025Sample 427821340758Sample 18721530180Sample 74321330665Sample 437921342495Sample 19821236161Sample 84419200064Sample 448021138584Sample 20921446902Sample 94521438239Sample 458121310706Sample 211021045202Sample 104621309458Sample 468221351611Sample 221121367362Sample 114721324781Sample 478321378377Sample 231221150999Sample 124821372861Sample 488420103002Sample 241321092897Sample 134921203000Sample 498515569457Sample 251416911758Sample 145021338494Sample 508621284940Sample 261520810399Sample 155121204265Sample 518718817706Sample 271621609271Sample 165220200084Sample 528821407116Sample 281721315015Sample 175313506106Sample 538920088248Sample 291820225294Sample 185421334324Sample 549021253306Sample 301921441402Sample 195521311369Sample 55919577590Sample 312018694954Sample 205621156023Sample 569221183791Sample 322121104310Sample 215720625580Sample 579321106484Sample 332221245112Sample 225821386477Sample 589421604030Sample 342321255580Sample 235921178331Sample 599521302525Sample 352421265275Sample 246021036581Sample 609620461535Sample 362521316490Sample 256121332739Sample 19721297948Sample 372621093832Sample 266221206436Sample 29821320077Sample 382721262577Sample 276321327230Sample 39919895680Sample 392820803658Sample 286421334201Sample 410021265301Sample 402920913599Sample 296521425943Sample 510121352685Sample 413021243006Sample 306621596593Sample 610221303722Sample 423119456650Sample 316721360264Sample 710321565548Sample 433221208377Sample 326821180828Sample 8104  3320884446Sample 336921094291Sample 9105  3421340392Sample 347021108820Sample 10106  3521133495Sample 357121444566Sample 11107  3621170353Sample 367221327450Sample 12108  

Total marks = 300%

End of Practical Assignment Guide

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