Foundations of Communication Assessment 2 Instructions

Discussion task (Total grade – 10%)  

Process Work (Steps to complete the task)

in class

Answer on the Assessment 2 Submission Document – Do not upload this instruction document.

Requirements (important elements to include)

(paraphrase all researched ideas)

lastname_firstname_studentID_COMS_Assess 2_semester_year.

pload the Assessment 2 submission document to Grade Centreusing the link in the Assessments folder. This link will submit the assessment to Grade Centre via Turnitin.

Process for Assessment discussion tasks

NOTE: If you do not participate in the class discussions then you MUST NOT refer to the discussions in your submission


Task: (65 marks) QuestionDo objects of adornment influence the way people communicate with each other? Identify two different forms of body adornment and relevant communication theories to explain your ideas.   Write a response of approximately 500 (+ or – 10%) words. To address the task, note the following: You must refer to the relevant communication theories, forms and factors covered in the weekly materialsInformation gathered from the in-class discussions must be appropriately integrated into your response and you MUST include the names of at least two students who participated in these discussions. (Paraphrase the ideas from discussions and do not quote.)Refer to two independently researched sources (correctly referenced)   (Note: you must not use blogs, newspaper articles, personal opinions or experiences. You should write using formal English (ie. Do not use I, we, you etc.), and avoid using contractions and slang terminology.

  20 marks for written expression 15 marks for referencing DO NOT UPLOAD THIS INSTRUCTION DOCUMENT TO BLACKBOARD  

Assessments must be submitted using the completed and signed Assessment 2 Submission Document.This assessment must be completed by you.  

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