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Blippi Learns to Jump and Sing at the Indoor Play Place! Educational Videos for Kids
Blippi – Educational Videos for Kids
So much to learn about! It’ll make you want to shout with me. Hey, it’s me Blippi, and look at where we’re at today – Ball and Bounce in Los Angeles, California. In this place, you can play and learn at the same time. I bet they have a lot of colorful balls here. Let’s go!
Wow, there are so many colorful balls in here. Let’s see which colors there are: green, red, blue, pink, yellow, purple, and orange. That slide was so much fun! Why don’t we do it again? Let’s go down the slides.
Oh, wait a second! There’s a trampoline right here. Why don’t I get inside and act like some animals and insects that jump? I’m a grasshopper! Grasshoppers can jump so high. Can you think of an animal that jumps really high and actually has a little pouch? It’s a kangaroo! I’m a kangaroo!
Whoa! What is this giant red circle with some balls right here? Yellow, black, and a blue stripe around the top. I wonder what happens when you put the ball right here? Do you see it? It’s going around and around, like a circle.
Here’s another slide. Why don’t we go up this step ladder and slide down this yellow slide? That was so fun! Wait a second, remember the slide? That’s what we were supposed to do – go down that colorful ball slide again. Let’s go!
Hey, it’s me Blippi! Time for the slide. Wow, this is awesome!
Look, a race car! Start your engines! Whoa, look at these! It looks like things that you can step on. What color are these? Purple, orange, blue, red, and green. Whoa!
Yes! Feels like just a tile, but it looks like there’s some water in there. Hey, wait a second! Looks like a small ball and a big ball, and two hoops – a tall hoop and a short hoop. Let’s take the small ball and dunk it on the short hoop. Here we go! Hey, why don’t we take the basketball and make some baskets?
What is this? It looks like a bunch of pads, like a gymnastic center. Oh, looks like a little tunnel. Hey, I have an idea! Why don’t I make this go really tall and then I can jump through it? Now it’s really tall, and now we can jump through it!
Whoa, it looks like a lot of musical instruments. Let’s make a song and dance together. Let’s hit that music!
Cool, it looks like a sandbox. Do you see all the sand? I love sandboxes! Wait a second, did you see that? When I moved the sand, this image adjusted. It changed from red when it was really tall, now it’s all green, and it seems normal average middle height. Oh, and down here where it’s really low, it’s blue. This is a topography sandbox!
Wow, here’s another mountain. Let’s go to the top of the mountain. Lemon, I have a really fun idea. Let’s try and make it all one level. Okay, this is gonna be so much fun. Okay, that looks pretty flat. It’s not perfect, but that’s okay. Sometimes art doesn’t look perfect, and that’s the great thing about art – every piece is unique. See you later, sandbox!
Do you see what I’m doing? I’m popping all of these bubbles. Have you ever popped bubbles before? I love bubbles. They’re just fun floating in the air. Cool, a green ball. It’s kind of like a bubble. Cool swing! Hey, why don’t we swing together?
Speaking of swinging, can you think of any animals that love to swing? Maybe one that lives in the jungle, swings from tree to tree, and sounds like this – monkey! Hammock, I love hammocks! They are so relaxing. Can you think of anything that hangs out and something that looks like a hammock? Maybe a cocoon? It’s an insect and eventually turns into a beautiful butterfly.
Wow, their wings are so colorful. Another swing! Oh, cool, I love swinging. Watch out, this is awesome! Oh, look down here. It looks like five soccer balls. In America, we call this game soccer, but around the world, they call it football.
Whoa, look over there! It looks like a goal. You think I can make five goals? Let’s try. I’m so good! Well, it’s because I practice so much. Look at this – a rock wall. Hey, I have an idea. Show me a color, and then I’ll put my hand or feet on that color. Ready? Green, another green, okay, blue, red, red, yellow, yellow, yellow, blue.
Wow, I fell down. Let me use the rope to climb up to the top. Here we go. Yeah, I made it to the top! This place is awesome! Oh, look at this. It looks like some yellow rope with a white handle. Wait a second, look, it moves on the track. I have an idea. Ready? Three, two, one!
Awesome, let me do it again. Three, two, one! Oh, wasn’t that a fun day? And yummy popsicles at the end. We sure did have a lot of fun and learned at the same time. Great job! Well, this is the end of this video, but if you want to watch more of my videos, all you have to do is search for my name. Will you spell my name with me? Blippi! Good job! All right!
See you again, byebye, can’t forget my shoes.
Hey friends, wanna help me move some dirt? Well, this is a job for my excavator. Come on, I’m an excavator!
I’ve got a great big arm and a great big boom. If I start digging now, I’ll be done real soon. I’m a nerd separator, I’m a Mexican vader. I’ve got a big old bucket and I scoop all the time. Digging holes in the ground, wonder what I’ll find. I’m an earth investigator, I’m an excavator. Oh, can’t you see baby, how do you get around? I roll on tracks, get to where it needs to be. I’m an excavator, excavating dirt. See you later, I’m an excavator.
Thank you!
I’ve got a place where workers sit, it’s called the camp. Where they control the bucket to scoop and grab. I’m a hole regulator, I’m an excavator. Oh, can’t you see, I work all day, do you ever sleep? No time for sleep, no time for play. I’m an excavator, excavator, excavator, excavator.
Hello friends, it’s me Blippi and today we’re exploring construction vehicles. Let’s see, can you guess which vehicle this is? Let’s go find out.
It’s me Blippi, wow! And look at where I’m at, yeah! Today I’m at Tenino, Washington at a job site. Yeah, and today you and I get to learn about a machine. Yeah, a really heavy machine. It has a really big blade up front, pushes anything and everything out of its way. It has a lot of power, and it starts with the letter B. Just like my name. Do you know what machine it is? Okay!
Check it out, wow! A piece of construction equipment. And this is a powerful piece of construction equipment. Do you know what machine this is? Yeah, this is a bulldozer. It is so powerful. Here, come on. Whoa! This is the blade of the bulldozer. Yeah, the blade pushes anything and everything out of its way. And then it goes flat on the ground and makes the ground nice and flat. And how it gets all of its power is right here. The compartment produces a lot of power and a lot of smoke out of the exhaust. Wow, super cool. Hey, do you see these? Huh, this is silly. Yeah, there’s no wheels and tires, silly huh? Oh, these are called tracks. Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, these metal things go down into the dirt, the gravel, the mud. So then it has really good traction, so then it doesn’t slip and slide. All right, I think I should take it for a spin. Oh, so comfortable. All right, first things first, safety first. Perfect. Now that I’m nice and safe with my seat belt, we can operate the bulldozer. Yeah, you operate a bulldozer, you do not drive a bulldozer. Okay, see these hand controls? This is how you operate the bulldozer. This one makes you go forward and backward, and this one, yeah, this is what you use to control the blade. All right, here we go. Let’s turn on the key, keep up the safety doodads, and here we go. Whoa, check it out!
Thank you!
That was awesome, wow! What a powerful machine. Did you see that big blade up front? Yeah, it’s so good and powerful, it pushes anything and everything out of its way. Our first vehicle was a bulldozer. They are such an important piece of equipment and help clear the way. Hmm, can you guess what this next vehicle is? Let’s go check it out. Let me give you some hints on what piece of machinery we’re gonna learn about. Okay, it, it’s a machine that loves to dig. It usually has tracks, yeah. It has an arm and a boom and a bucket. Big holes, and it starts with the letter E. Oh, can you guess it? Okay, here we go!
Check it out, did you see that? Yeah, this excavator driving and holding this giant log. Wait, did you hear that? Yeah, in the x, the excavator. Wow, what a cool machine. This is actually a mini excavator. Yeah, they have small ones like this and they have big ones like that. Wow, hey, did you see? I was sitting in the seat. Yeah, this is the cab of the excavator. Wow, there’s so many controls in there. Oh, so cool. Hey, and look down here. Wow, yeah, just like a bulldozer, this excavator has tracks. Bulldozers’ tracks are metal and these, they’re rubber, like tires. Wow, that is really cool. The cab can swing around. Yeah, did you see me swing around? Whoa, cool. Oh, and up here, wow. It’s hard to see because the bucket is right here, but this is the blade. Just like a bulldozer, this excavator has a blade to flatten things out and push things out of its place. And where this log is sitting, yeah, this is the bucket of the excavator. This bucket has some big teeth. Hahaha!
Thank you!
Wow, look at this. This kind of looks like a big tube, but this is actually called a thumb. Wow, the thumb is used to grab things, just like this log. And all this, this is the arm and the boom, which then can lift up, swing around, and use the bucket to dig. Yeah, I think I should hop on in and do some digging.
I’m an excavator. I’ve got a great big arm and a great big boom. If I start digging now, I’ll be done real soon. I’m a dirt separator, I’m an excavator. Big old bucket and I scoop all the time. Digging holes in the ground, wonder what I’ll find. I’m an earth investigator, I’m an excavator. Oh, can’t you see that I don’t have feet? No feet, how do you get around? I roll on tracks to get to where I need to be. I’m an excavator, excavator. Hey dirt, see you later, I’m an excavator.
Thank you!
Whoa, look at how big this hole is that I just dug. Wow, so cool. Hey, and look at this big pile of dirt. Whoa, I love dirt, yeah, because it’s fun to play around in and it’s the perfect home for some plants. Here we go, here you go plants. Wow, excavators are awesome. Yeah, wasn’t that excavator so cool? I love getting to dig things up, and an excavator makes it so easy and fun.
Thank you!
That sure was fun learning about that excavator today, wasn’t it? Yeah, you can dig some massive holes with the excavator, and since it doesn’t have wheels and tires, it has tracks. Yeah, you never get stuck. Well, this is the end of this video, but if you want to watch more of my videos, all you have to do is search for my name. Will you spell my name with me? Good job. See you again!
Here we go. I can’t believe I’m driving a real race car.
Hey, it’s me Blippi, and hey, it’s me, you see what I see? Whoa, whoa, giant racetrack. We’re at the Daytona Beach, Florida. They’re so colorful. I think we should take a closer look. Yeah!
Steve Blippi’s real race cars. Oh, wait a minute, Mika. These are toy race cars. Well, they look much bigger from far away. Oh yeah, well anyway, something we can do with these cars is race. Look, okay, they’re remote controls. Cool. Whoa, here’s one for me and one for me. Probably should put this down. Yes, okay. On your mark, yes, sir, and go, and go. Hey, I’m gonna get you, Mika. Oh yeah, yeah, I’m right behind you, right behind you. It looks like a best friend tie. It’s a tie. Hey, okay, this time I do see a real race car. Really? Uh-huh. We should probably go take a closer look then.
See, I told you, a real race car. Yeah, you were right. Whoa, and this looks like a really fast race car. Yeah, and look, do you know this animal on front?
I know this animal. It’s a horse. Oh, Amiga, do you notice something? Oh, look, this grill is a sticker and these headlights are also stickers. Why? Well, they’re stickers because you wouldn’t want the headlights to be made of glass if you’re racing. It’s a lot safer if it’s just a sticker. Oh yeah, first things first, safety first. Whoa, and check out this side of the race car. Cool! Whoa, look at it all. Hey, do you see what color this race car is, Mika? Yeah, two of my favorite colors, purple and some yellow on the tires. Whoa! Yeah, and these wheels and tires look so big. Check it out! Oh, they’re really smooth. I want to see you. You feel very smooth. Oh yeah, and they’re kind of hairy too. A real race car driver. Let’s go say hi. Let’s go! Oh, check it out. It’s NASCAR Cup Champion. Oh, it’s so nice to meet you guys. Hello, I’m Mika. I know, nice to see you. Kidding me? It’s so nice of you. Well, we were learning all about racing today and we noticed there are some race cars over here. What are they doing? Yeah, so right now they’re going through tech. So what they have to make sure is that all the cars are the same, so it’s a fair race out there. So they have a lot of different things that I go through to make sure all the cars fit certain templates, certain things that not one car has way more horsepower than the other or way more downforce than another, make sure they’re the same weight, all those things. Oh, what makes the car go fast? Horsepower? Downforce is big, right? So when the air is pushing down on the race car, that creates grip. Oh, so you want to have that and you want to have not much drag, so you want the car to be able to go through the air without it pulling you back. All right, without the wind pulling you back? Yeah, definitely don’t want your car flying away. Oh, and Joey, do you think you could maybe teach us what it takes to be a driver? I sure can. Okay, let’s go on. Whoa, that was so cool learning all about your car. But Joey, what do you do before you race? Well, before you’re strapping the car for a long race, just like riding in the road in a car ride for a long time, you want to stretch out, maybe stretch your legs out a little bit so you won’t cramp up while you’re up there racing. You touch your toes and your arms a lot. You’re driving a lot, so your arms get tired. So you want to make sure you’re flexible with your arms. Yeah, get it all stretched out there, both arms left and right. Yes, as we do turn right every now and again. Oh, and Joey, have you always wanted to be a race car driver? From as young as I can remember, I got a go-kart when I was six or seven. Yeah, that’s all I did when I got home from school. It was just make laps in the backyard, tore up the yard. Whoa, the grass is gone. Hey, have you driven in a go-kart before? Can we go drive a race car now? Well, I’d say before you go out there going 200 miles an hour, maybe check out the simulator first so you know where the turns are and you don’t miss a turn going up. Oh, that’s a good idea, a simulator so we can practice driving first. That’s right. We’ll see you later. Check it out. Hey, guys, it’s Power Driver Tyler. Ready? How’s it going? It’s going good. Yeah, you guys are here. Well, yeah, we’ve been having so much fun today learning all about cars. We’d love to practice race car driving. Yeah, do you think you could tell us a little bit more and maybe help us on the simulators? I absolutely can. We got three simulators here and three things to keep in mind at Daytona. Don’t lift off the gas. Okay, be very smooth with the steering wheel, huh? And don’t hit the brake. Whoa, hit the brake. Yeah, those are pretty straight forward. Yeah, so yeah, this is the steering wheel and on the steering wheel here, you’ll have the shifter to go up gears on this side and this is to go down gears on this side. Whoa, under here, you got the gas pedal on the right, the brake is in the middle, and the clutch is on the left. The clutch kind of helps the car get going. Oh, okay. How many gears are there? There are five gears, so as you go up through the gears, you’ll end up in fifth gear. That’s the gear you want to be. Whoa, because we’re going fast. Yeah, very fast. Well, that sounds pretty fun. Yeah, do you think we could all race together? Let’s do it. Yeah, here we go. Oh, I can’t believe we get to race an actual race car driver. Here we go. I’m gonna win. I can imagine being out there with all those cars, so fast. Definitely be exciting. You guys are doing great. Thanks, Tyler. Oh, thanks. Oh, Tyler, I want to beat you. All right, let’s see what you got. No, I’m gonna win. Come into the stripe here. We’re gonna sit down. I don’t know who won. I can’t tell. Yeah, it looks like I got 5-1-2-4-2-5-1-2-4-2. I had a 5-1-1-5-0. But hey, that’s really close. I think you’re ready. What’d you get? Nothing. Well, Tyler won the race, but that makes sense because he’s a professional. Well, hey, just remember, gotta have your safety equipment on before you get in the real thing. You gotta have your helmet on, right? And have your seatbelts tight, but I think you guys are ready to go. Have fun. That’s awesome. Let’s go suit up. Yes, first things first, safety first. All right, guys, have fun. Make up, look at this. Oh, I can’t wait to drive one. Okay, since I drove the simulator first, you can drive the race car first. Oh my goodness, bestie. Wow, that’s really nice. You and I am so excited to get out there on the track and speed around. Time to climb in, look, here we go. One leg and two legs. Watch your head. Whoa, and remember you don’t want to forget your seatbelt. Whoa, this is really fast. Check it out. Yeah, here we go. Oh, this is kind of bumpy. Look at how fast I’m going. Watch out, here comes flipping. Great job, Blippi. That was so much fun, Mika. But now that I finished driving, it’s your turn. Go, Mika. This is so cool. I can’t believe I’m driving a real race car. Yeah, race car, Mika, coming down the track. She’s right there, Mika. Yeah. Whoa, that was fast. Oh, I can’t believe how fast I’m going. Whoa, whoa, that was awesome. That was so fun. We rode in a real race car. We did it. We did it. We never, ever quit it. Oh yeah. That was so awesome. I can’t believe we got to drive a real race car. Whoa, and his real race car drivers. They were so cool. And we learned that downforce is what makes the car go really fast. Whoa, yeah, really fast. Well, that’s the end of this video, but if you want to watch more of our videos, all you have to do is search for our name. Hey, can you spell my name with us? Okay, here we go. Good job. Well, you spelled my name with us. Okay, race. Yeah, okay, you’re on. Whoa! Everybody, take 10 steps back. We’re gonna launch in three, two, one. That was awesome. Did you see that pink can shoot up like a rocket? Yeah, whoa! Hi, I’m Blippi. What’s your name? I’m Emily Calandrelli. Nice to meet you. Well, it’s so nice to meet you, Emily. That was an amazing experiment you did. Do you think you could teach us how to do it?
Science Experiment: Baking Soda and Vinegar Rocket
Have you ever wondered how things fly through the air, like an airplane or a rocket? In this science experiment, we’re going to learn about acid-base reactions by creating our own baking soda and vinegar rocket.
Materials Needed
Baking soda
Pink cap
Paint can
Pour the baking soda into the paint can.
Carefully pour vinegar into a cup and place it inside the paint can.
Hammer the lid onto the paint can.
Flip the paint can over and take a step back.
Did you see how the paint can launched like a rocket? This is because when baking soda and vinegar mix, it creates a chemical reaction that releases carbon dioxide bubbles, which build up pressure and propel the paint can.
Creating Carbon Dioxide Bubbles
If you want to see the carbon dioxide bubbles in action, you can try this experiment using cups. Here’s what you’ll need:
Baking soda
Food coloring (blue and orange)
Soap (optional)
Add food coloring to the vinegar.
If desired, add soap to one of the cups.
Mix the ingredients together.
Observe the difference in the bubbles when you add soap.
Now, let’s try the experiment using a water bottle. Pour the colored vinegar into the water bottle and observe the difference in how the bubbles shoot out.
Exploring Non-Newtonian Fluids: Oobleck
Another fun experiment you can try is making oobleck, a non-Newtonian fluid. Here’s what you’ll need:
Mix two parts cornstarch with one part water.
Use your hands to mix the ingredients together.
Oobleck is a special type of fluid that acts like a liquid and a solid depending on the force applied to it. It’s a fun substance to explore and play with!
Science experiments like these can be both educational and entertaining. They allow us to learn and discover new things while having fun. So go ahead and try these experiments at home, and let the curiosity and excitement of science take over!
It acts more like a liquid. When you don’t hit it and you’re not doing anything to it, it acts more like a solid and it’s harder to get out of that glass bottle. That’s so interesting how it can be a solid sometimes or a liquid sometimes. Exactly, just like oobleck.
So watch this, when you squeeze it together, squeeze squeeze squeeze, it acts like a ball. But as soon as I stop squeezing it, it acts like a liquid flowing through my fingers. Whoa, it melts! That’s so cool!
And why is it called a non-Newtonian fluid? That’s a lot, man. It is a long name. So Isaac Newton was a physicist and a mathematician, and he set up some rules for fluids. And this doesn’t really follow them. It likes to break the rules. Whoa, I’ve heard of Isaac Newton. That’s so cool that he named this fluid.
Oh, I have an idea. How about you make a little ball again? And I think our friend Mr. Elephant wants to play in the oobleck. Here we go. Oh, he’s getting stuck. Well, that’s okay. Yeah, he just moves around a lot. He doesn’t get stuck. See, he’s just walking in over the oobleck. If he stomps on the oobleck, he can stay on top. But if he’s not stomping, he’ll sink like water. Here we go. Well, it looks like Mr. Elephant needs to go take another bubble bath. Oh, Emily, this is so much fun. Okay, Blippi, now that you know how oobleck works, I have a surprise for you.
Well, yeah, where is it? Go ahead and slide down that slide. Okay, here we go. See you at the bottom.
Oh, this is oobleck. This is ooh, Blippi. Let’s see, that’s a corny joke. A corn starchy joke. Whoa, I had so much fun today. And it’s so cool learning about non-Newtonian fluids, how they can be liquids or solids. Oh, Emily, I had so much fun doing science experiments. Would you like a really big hug? Maybe later, puppy. Okay, I’ll get that.
Well, that’s the end of this video. But if you want to watch more of my videos, all you have to do is search for my name. Hey, can you spell my name with us? Okay, here we go. Ready? Blippi, Flippy. Good job. Well, I’ll see you later. I need to get out of this oobleck. Whoa, whoa.
Yes, you remember our names. It’s me, Flippy. Are you ready to sing “The Wheels on the Bus”? If you don’t know it, now’s a great time to learn. And if you do, sing along.
The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round, all through the town. The motor on the bus goes, the doors on the bus go open and close, the wipers on the bus go push, the horn on the bus goes beep beep beep, the people on the bus go up and down, the driver on the bus goes, the blinkers on the bus go, the lights on the bus all bright at night. The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round, all through the town. Come on, everyone!
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