Unpacking the Question: Assessment Two

Studying at university requires you to become familiar with strategies to un-pack or breakdown a variety of assessment questions/tasks throughout your studies. 


Read the question/task carefully. Underline or highlight keywords.  This will be helpful to you when conducting research. If there are several parts to a question, make sure you answer all of the parts

You could re-write the question in your own words if you are unsure.

Consider topic materials for information on the task, as well as any forms of communication and communication theories which may be relevant to your response

Highlight information from the topic materials that could be relevant and make notes so that you can refer back to these

Brainstorm ideas about the question, conduct some initial CREDIBLE research and then post your ideas on the Discussion Board.  There is no right or wrong answer; the idea is to generate discussion about the topic as a group in your ‘virtual’ classroom.

Read the ideas of others and respond to at least two posts from your peers with the intention of discussing the task

Conduct further CREDIBLE research on the topic which you will use to construct your final response

Write your response to the task which integrates your own ideas and the ideas of others from the discussion, as well as ideas from independent research and topic materials

Proofread your work for grammatical errors and check that you have answered all parts of the question.

Example of integrating the discussion, research and theories.

In the group discussion my group members (name them) stated that an advertisement for a beauty product would most likely appeal more to women than men, so an advertisement would more than likely include a female actress instead of a male. The reason behind this is so women could better relate to the actress or model and therefore the product (Reference). The cognitive dissonance theory can be used to describe the influence of advertisements on consumers. The theory explains that people are less likely to listen to beliefs that are different from their own.

(You would be expected to provide two or three references to discussions as well as reference to a communication theory and research).

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