Option one: “They Say/ I Say”       For this essay you will begin with an article from any section of They Say/ I Say (it must be an article that you have not previously used in an essay, though it may be an article.

English 101                                         Fall 2023                                             Paper Three            

Length Requirements/ Format: 3-4 pages long, following the standard MLA format noted on the last page of the syllabus (10 to 12 pt. font, typed, double-spaced in black ink).  

For this essay, you have two options. 

Of course, you cannot write Paper three on any of the articles you completed for Papers one or two. 

However, you may write the same type of essay (except for Option one paper one—the personal experience essay topic is not acceptable), but with different articles from the text.

 Select one of the options below for Paper three.  All options require careful source citations and work(s) cited pages.  Follow the examples from previous paper handouts, and see the information below.

Option one: “They Say/ I Say”    

For this essay you will begin with an article from any section of They Say/ I Say (it must

be an article that you have not previously used in an essay, though it may be an article(s) we have not covered in class).


Using Campbell’s library’s resources, locate two additional articles on the same subject, and use these three articles to write a carefully reasoned argumentative essay, using the “They say/ I say” construct.


You can use any two articles from any section of They Say/ I Say (it must be an article that you have not previously used in an essay, though it may be an article(s) we have not covered in class).


Option two:  “They Say” (synthesis/summary)   For this essay, you will synthesize and summarize two articles discussing similar issues (though not necessarily the same side of an argument) from TSIS.


For both paper options, you will need to cite your sources…


both with parenthetical citations (within the text of the essay itself),


and corresponding entries on the work(s) cited page.


Work to smoothly integrate quotes from the articles and cite the page number at the end of the sentence containing the quoted material.  No quote should be a “hit and run” quote. Each quote from the article(s) needs to be attached to a few of your own words and followed with roughly equal parts analysis, or your explanation of what the example suggests, shows, illustrates about the topic the paper discusses, whatever the option.



Note:  Review the paper two supplementary handout to help with paper three.



Your work(s) cited entries should follow the models below:


          Last name, First name.  “Title of Article.” Title of Book.


                        Editor’s Name(s).  City of Publication: Publisher, year.


                        Page range of entry.  Print.


            Pollan, Michael.  “Escape from the Western Diet.”


                        They Say/ I Say. 4th edition.   Eds. Gerald Graff,


Cathy Birkenstein, and Russel Durst.  New


York: Norton, 2018.  420-427. Print.


Due:  10/20:  Bring two completed, typed copies of your paper to class for Peer Editing (you will be counted absent if you do not have the drafts in class).


10/23:  Paper three is due (upload the single file by midnight on Monday the 23rd).


The paper’s final grade will be penalized 10 points if any of the following mistakes occur:


               a) the prewriting and final draft are not uploaded as one file


b) I get an e-mail stating “I uploaded the prewriting or final draft, but now I can’t upload

the final draft because the website won’t let me, so would you delete the file so I can

upload both parts?”


               c) I get an e-mail with one or both of the parts to show you had the work completed on

               time, even though both parts were not uploaded as specified by the deadline.


              d) the file is submitted in the wrong order, with the final draft first and the prewriting



Make sure to submit all the specified parts (electronic copies) in the order specified below.


Save the prewriting and the final draft (include the works cited page) as one file and

upload the single file to the paper three turnitin prompt posted under course information.


Upload the material by midnight on Monday evening,   October 23rd.


Points to note:  Blackboard = much more friendly with Google Chrome.  Sometimes, using an Apple platform or different browser (Safari/Firefox) can cause uploading problems.  If you run into problems uploading the paper, there’s no need to panic.  While I understand if you e-mail me the material, note that doing so does not get you off the hook for submitting the work to turnitin on time.


Consult the help menu within Blackboard and allow plenty of time to deal with any uploading issues and still meet the paper submission deadline.



Part One:  Prewriting component (may be handwritten or typed).  Pick one of the following options for your prewriting.


Ø  An idea map, a detailed list, an outline, a tree diagram, a cluster diagram, or a combination of any of the prewriting techniques we’ve discussed


Ø  Aim for roughly a page of prewriting, whatever form it takes


Ø  A traditional first draft with editing comments, etc


Part Two:   the typed final draft—an electronic copy of the final draft (preceded by the prewriting as one file) must also be uploaded to turnitin (via blackboard) by midnight on Monday, October 23rd.


The paper will be penalized as late/incomplete if any of the items are missing, whatever the reason—even if you e-mail me the missing part.


Parts one and two, (electronic copies) are all due on 10/23 by midnight.  Make sure to submit the parts in the proper order, please.  Be sure to confirm the submission after attaching the file.


If the electronic submission is late, the essay will be penalized as late. Please make sure you receive a confirmation e-mail from turnitin as evidence your paper was uploaded successfully.


Be sure to confirm the submission and that you’ve received an e-mail from Turnitin.


Directions for uploading an electronic copy of your essay to turnitin via blackboard:


From our course blackboard page, go to the “course information” page and scroll to the bottom of the page. From here, you should see:


a)      the prompt for Paper three


b)     the turnitin information for Paper three(which should be below the Paper three



Follow the directions for uploading your work to turnitin (via blackboard).  Make sure to follow all the directions and meet the assignment deadline requirements.


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