SCO107 Challenging Sustainability Assignment

Question 1
You will write a position paper about a project/initiative in Singapore relevant to achieving environmental sustainability implemented by non profits/charities organisations; industry/commercial organisations; government agencies; schools and education; and influential individuals/activists. To write a position paper, you must demonstrate a good understanding of the topic, in-depth and breadth. The topic should be related to the concepts and terms discussed in the iSG of SCO107. In your writing, you are required to use APA referencing style.

In the position paper, you will identify one project/initiative to help achieve environmental sustainability in Singapore and describe its background development in the last decade, including the main aim(s), people benefiting, achievements, and how it impacts the environment, society, and economy. Furthermore, you must demonstrate relevant quantitative or qualitative data to support your arguments and empirical evidence of the project/initiative.

For your assignment, you are required to:

A. Identify one solution/project/initiative to help achieve environmental sustainability in Singapore and describe its background development.
(20 marks)

B. Analyse how the project/initiative relates to environmental justice.
(20 marks)

C. Discuss the potential challenges in the implementation of the initiative.
(20 marks)

D. Refer to concepts in the Study Guide and develop thoughtful and creative suggestions to help initiatives in Singapore achieve environmental sustainability while addressing the challenges that could emerge.
(20 marks)

E. Cite relevant and credible sources in APA Style. You must demonstrate that all the information used is based on reliable sources. All references should be properly cited, and the use of any AI generative tool must be acknowledged. Images, graphs, and charts relevant to the analysis can also be included.
(20 marks)

You are expected to gather information from reliable sources and properly reference them. References should be in APA style, with in-text citations that correspond to a list of references. You should consult a range of references, including scholarly articles, reliable news outlets, government reports and policy documents.


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