you are a senior construction manager for a medium-sized contractor, party to a framework agreement with your client, and this is the first of a series of projects to be delivered.

Construction Management Module

Words 3000 total


As for Assignment 1, you are a senior construction manager for a medium-sized contractor, party to a framework agreement with your client, and this is the first of a series of projects to be delivered.

Your client is the Chief Executive of a charitable residential care home provider seeking to roll out a programme of new build facilities to enhance their existing estate and you have been appointed by virtue of a JCT D&B contract.

The project has been rescheduled and is on track to maintain a revised completion date. The Board of Trustees for the charity now have some additional concerns.


Your construction director has asked you to provide a report for the client investigating these concerns.

Your report must be written within the context of the scenario provided and should address the following:

1. Your client is very aware of their charitable reputation locally and is understanding of the objectives of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from an organisational perspective; your client has requested an update as to the attainment of the CSR goals for this project and has requested a critical evaluation of three project specific measures presently in place.

Note: As part of your evaluation of CSR you must consider measures specific to the local society, environment and economy.

2. Your client wishes to monitor your overall performance on this project and has requested a critical appraisal addressing three performance KPIs for the project and a critical analysis of your internal and external benchmarking systems.

Note: As part of your appraisal and analysis of KPIs and benchmarking you must consider the provision of project specific examples.

3. Your client is aware the project employs a wide and variable supply chain, and requires assurance ethical and safe working practices have not been exacerbated by the revised programme; critically appraise how your team are addressing these challenges.

Note: as part of your appraisal of ethical and safe working practices you must include references to legislation and organisational interventions.

Further guidance

All tasks are equally weighted.Your report must include cover/title page, introduction, conclusion, and recommendations.An executive summary is not required.Appendices are not required.Clearly state any assumptions within your work.

Reference list and bibliography

You should include a reference list with a minimum of 15 separate relevant and appropriate sources that you have written about and cited within your work.

A bibliography of uncited sources is not required.

Additional information

Further information to support you with this assignment is available within the study materials for this module on the UCEM VLE.

It is recommended that you engage with the Assignment briefing webinar and Assignment forum, as the module team may signpost relevant learning activities and also answer any questions you may have.

Marking guidance for this assessment

This guidance is designed to help you to do as well as possible in your assessment by explaining how the person marking your work will be judging it.

Your work will be assessed in relation to the requirements set out in the assessment criteria marking guide shown below and the grading guidance section below.

It is recommended that you read both of these sections before starting your assessment to learn what will help you to achieve the highest marks. Before submitting your assessment you should review it to check you have produced what is required to achieve the highest marks.

When you receive your feedback from your tutor you should be able to see where you gained marks and, where relevant, recommendations about how to improve your performance going forward.

Grading guidance

This grading guidance section explains in more detail what a submission for this assessment should include in order to achieve a mark at the threshold, good and excellent standards.


You will have produced a professional report which explains and describes, with some critical discussion, Corporate Social Responsibility, the application of benchmarking and KPIs, and ethical practice. You will have clearly presented and applied your answer to the given scenario with reference to current best practice which you should research to support your ideas. All these discussions will need to be supported by the minimum number of references.


You will have met the criteria for Threshold and there will be reference to the scenario with relevant examples of the application of Corporate Social Responsibility during the construction stage. Your answers will provide a sound explanation of benchmarking with a discussion which clearly identifies what to benchmark against. This will provide a focus which identifies key performance indicators related to the scenario. There will be a section of the report which clearly and appropriately discusses issues related to ethical best practice within the supply chain. Good answers will critically discuss those challenges which might arise from communication. There will be examples of management challenges related to the scenario to demonstrate a professional understanding. All points should be clearly articulated with evidence of competent self-directed research of current best practice and use of references to support the evaluation of construction management challenges raised. All these answers should be related to the scenario and should be supported by a wider range of quality literature sources.


You will have met the criteria for Good and your answers will be highly relevant to the scenario with rigorous justification and original thought as to the application of Corporate Social Responsibility during the construction stage, relevant benchmarking and associated key performance indicators, and ethical best practice. You will highlight many different factors relating to your chosen solutions for better focus and application. Your professional report will relate these issues to the scenario with originality and interpretation of the issues of working with an extensive and variable supply chain.

Excellent answers will be insightful, fully relevant and will critically evaluate the ethical implications with comprehensive discussion on why and how these may be effectively managed. These should be clearly articulated with evidence of sophisticated independent research of current best practice and use of quality references to support the arguments relating to the construction management challenges raised. These discussions will be supported by a very broad range of literature sources including relevant material that demonstrates in-depth, independent study.

Word count and overwriting

Exceeding the stated word count by 10% or more may limit the marks allocated for communication (see the assessment criteria marking guide).

The following table outlines the inclusions and exclusions in the word count of the most common features of assessed pieces of work. Not all these features may be relevant to your assignment; please refer to the assignment task for confirmation of which features are required.

Included in wordcount

Excluded from wordcount


Executive summary/abstract

Main body

Title page/front cover


Contents List

In text citations


Words in tables



List of references



Headings and titles, except for those explicitly excluded



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