ENG 1A DC-LEVEL RSEARCH PROJECT: Step 1 Orientation to the Problem / Social Issue The initial purpose of this Re/search Project will be to orientate the student ‘researcher t

ENG 1A DC-LEVEL RSEARCH PROJECT: Step 1 Orientation to the Problem / Social Issue

The initial purpose of this Re/search Project will be to orientate the student ‘researcher to better understand the historical context of women’s suffrage movement. To better meet this end, researchers are directed to the Wikipedia “Women s Suffrage in the United States ” webpage. The information of the WSM provided identifies a number of areas for a research focus for this 6-page UC-Level research paper. This 49-pagc w iki page prov ides credible history of the women’s suffrage movement, and it is well-maintained and current. The information it provides is accurate and credible and will lead the PNG 1A researcher to not only find their “research interest” but provide a solid general overview toward better understanding the WSM. Although Wikipedia is not acceinedyisjKadmMLk^^                                                                                                                         remains an

important initial research tool for a general topic orientation. As a class, we are going ° co active y examine and research the many hyperlinks, key players, and other well-cata oge lea mgs ere. ur goa is to get a clearer orientation to the beginning, middle, and end of the WSM that through much efforts by many people led to the 19th Amendment ratification allowing for the first time in America s history the jcivilj right for a woman to vote.

Questions to Consider – while reading “Women’s Suffrage in the United States”

Why were so many people – not only men, but woman as well- adamantly opposed against the very idea of women’s voting? What were a few’ of the 19th century societal barriers and restrictions against women legally? What was this country’s first 19th century pro-suffrage conference all about and in what year?

V7iat did the critics have to say about it? What was accomplished from this first conference? What was the public reaction as this was the first such women’s conference? Who were the early women supporters of women’s suffrage?- or as these women were called, suffragettes? Where there any notable men as suffragette supporters? What were a few of the main arguments in opposition to women actually voting?

W hat were some of the early women’s organizations created to pusfi for &h amendment to the U S. Constitution? Who were the Christian Temperance Union? And what did these women stand for? Did race play a facior in the movement esp. with former slaves? What speech did Sojourner Truth deliver? When did women organize enough to have suffragists’ media presence, town hall meetings, and even parades to highlight their social cause? Was it the European women in England and Denmark, and Norway or the American women as the early advocacy of women’s rights like voting? Who wrote the book “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman” and in what year and to what purpose? What was the rationale for those first states in the union that allowed women the vote?: Was there social protest by American women pro-vote? What about protest in Europe? Why did President Woodrow Wilson finally agree to support the 19th Amendment? What has been some of the significant impacts of women’s suffrage and the right to vote for women in 21st Century America? Why did some elements of the WSM become less civil and more militant suffragettes? How did the newspapers and editorial cartoonist (news media of the day) portray the suffragettes?

Directions: Tor next session come to class with a WORD doc. That answers at least (5) of the


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