ENGR 2240 — MATLAB-based Programming for Engineers Project This document contains the project description that you are tasked to solve using MATLAB

ENGR 2240 — MATLAB-based Programming for Engineers


This document contains the project description that you are tasked to solve using MATLAB. The objective of this project is to provide some insights on the application of MATLAB in engineering areas. See Section 1 —provides information on how to submit your project. Section 2 — Problems description contains the descriptions of the problems that you will need to complete and solve. Section 3 — Grading contains the rubrics of grading for this project.

Make sure you read the entire document before starting the assignment.

PRESENTATION: NOVEMBER 28, 2023 (in class)

REPORT and FILES DUE DATE: NOVEMBER 30, 2023 11.59 pm CT

Section 1 — Submission

There will be two submissions for this project:

1. Presentation

You will present your project in class on November 28, 2023. Scores will be given based on these criteria:

     Project description: What theme do you chose and describe what your project does.

Functions/scripts explained:

     How to run the function/script (which code to run first, what kind of input needed, etc.) o What does it calculate.

     Equations used in mathematical representations.

     Example results from the project functions: Use a sample data to show the example calculation results you obtained from the functions/scripts that you wrote. Table(s), plot(s) and figure(s) are great ways to show the result.

     Limitation of this project: What this project does not able to calculate? Are there certain values cannot be included in the computations? Can we improve the code to calculate more things?

2. File submission

You will have 2 types of files that you will need to submit:

•      All M-files created to run the project.

•      A short report containing all the presentation points above. On the first page, include your full name(s) and major(s). The report should include all of the presentation contents. You can refer the example report in separate document.

Submit all files through eLearn. If you are working in partners, both students should submit the same files on individual eLearn submissions. I should be able to run the M-files without needing anything else other than the data.

Formattinq your M-files

You will need to submit M-files containing the function that you run to solve each problem. For each Mfile that you submit, make sure you include header comments and the lines are organized and easy to read. Failure to do one or both of these will result in points being deducted even if your solution is correct.


 Email :

% Class: ENGR 220 – Section ?

 Honor statement:

 Date :

Fill in your name, e-mail, section number and date. Also, type an honor statement, which can simply be: “l have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this assignment. ” Submissions with incomplete header comments will be deducted points.

Submitting your M-files and report

Submit all M-files to the eLearn where you found this document. Make sure to click submit after uploading the files.

If you make any changes before the deadline and want to resubmit, simply go back to the page and resubmit and upload ALL the files (including the ones you did not change). The previous submissions will be removed and I will not have access to the previously submitted files.

Section 2 — Problems


 You have the options to choose one of these project themes’ project. Choose only one idea to work on. Since it is an open-ended idea, be sure to describe it in the presentation and report.

 Your program (functions and/or script files) should contain at least 20 meaningful lines in total, NOT including initial value definition and comments. You can check how many lines you have through the editor line numbers.

Example of lines considered in the 20-line counts:

total = total + 1 ;

C (end, : )

plot (x, y,

hold on

Example of lines not considered in the 20-line counts:


w = [1 2 3; 4 5 6] ;

this is a section cormnent line

 this is another comment line

      For Simulink project: If you wish to use Simulink for your project. The line counts can be replaced with block counts.

      If you have ideas other than listed below, you can discuss with me to clarify.



Potential ideas

Theme 1: Robotics sensor
systems or analysis (light, line, temperature)

Use the sensor results to
decide on a robot movement.

and humidity monitoring plot. LED blinking play.

Theme 2: Energy-efficient

Building lighting coordination timed or

Power usage calculator.

Water flow
rate calculator.

Theme 3: Structural

2D frame

Beam deflection

Concrete Mix
design tool.

BONUS points opportunity:

You may possibly get extra 20 points for a project contains more than 30 meaningful lines of code doing additional calculations/programs.

Example of things you can do to add more lines:

      Create plots

      Using different sets of measurements data (multiple sensors inputs)

      Suggestions for better energy-efficiency usage from the calculated power usage outcome.

Section 3 — Grading

Grading scale will be divided as below:



Presentation completion
(contain all 4 items listed)


Report (contain all 4
items listed)


Q & A session


Neatness and quality




In addition to the above, this project will also give bonus points worth 20 points to your project score based on the requirement described in Section 2. That gives you possibly extra 4 points for your final grade. Let’s say if you get 100% for your project and full 20 points for the bonus part, you will get 24 points instead of 20 for your project part!


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