FY003: Academic Research and Writing – Written coursework: 1500 words

Module code and title: FY003 Academic Research and Writing

Written coursework: 1500 words

This assignment has three main tasks: You are expected to complete all three tasks.

Task 1

You are required to select one topic from the two listed below:

1a). Analyse the impact COVID-19 had on the business environment. Use a business of your choice to demonstrate the issues experienced by that business which were caused by Covid-19.


1b). Analyse the role of digitalisation in a modern business activity.

Task 2

You are required to:

Reflect on the academic skills you have acquired during this module which have impacted on your academic development.

Task 3

You are required to:

Write a personal development plan detailing the academic skills you will need to write your assignment for this and other modules.

Task requirements:


Your task is to prepare a report consisting of three parts. This consists of discussing a business problem, a reflective piece of writing on your academic skills, and a self-improvement plan.


The written report should be in three parts as below:

The submission of a written report discussing one business aspect from the choice of the two topics provided in the assignment task. You need to use a wide range of credible academic resources. Use a minimum of eight references to support and give weight to your arguments and conclusions (800 words).
A reflective piece of writing focusing on the academic skills of research and writing which you have developed in this module (500 words).
Develop a SMART plan for self-improvement to develop your academic skills for writing your assignments (200 words).

Part 1 – REPORT (800 WORDS)

Throughout the module, we will be examining a variety of current business issues by using various research techniques. You will need to choose one business issue from the list below to:

Analyse the impact COVID-19 on the business environment

Required: Use a business of your choice to demonstrate the issues experienced by that business that Covid-19 caused. Please choose any organisation around the globe impacted by covid-19 and to what extent.


Analyse the role of digitalisation in modern business activity.

Required:  In this task, you need to analyse how digitalisation works in the modern technological world and what is the role of digitalisation in transforming modern business activities.

Part 2 – REPORT (500 WORDS)

Reflective writing requires you to discuss/analyse your learning and understanding of academic research and writing. You are required to discuss how the module content will support your academic studies using Gibbs’ Reflective Model.

What academic skills, such as reading, additional research, paraphrasing, referencing, etc., have you learned, built, or improved upon within the module? This requires you to discuss your own understanding regarding only academic skills. Do not discuss the taught topics of COVID-19 and or digitalisation. This assignment is only about developing your academic skills (200 words).
Why continuous learning is important, and what can you achieve with the new knowledge you have learned in this module (200 words).
How the new academic skills can be used in your future studies (100 words).

Part 3 – Continuous development plan (200 WORDS)

Through self-reflection, identify the academic skills you need to develop to write good assignments. Use the SMART technique to be specific about the academic skills.

SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.


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