Critically analyse one competitor website / blog and use of content and social media: Digital marketing Assignment, UOS, UK

Assessment task details and instructions
Please note that you need to produce a presentation but this has to be based on practical tasks integral to this assignment:

a) Critically analyse one competitor website / blog and use of content and social media
b) Create a digital marketing strategy and optimised personal digital footprint (including profile) sufficient to apply for a job of your choice. This has to include a number of social media profiles based on your justifications and one compulsory optimised blog post.

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c) Document your work in an Individual assessment on the following sections: Assessment Information/Brief 2
1. Analysis
2. Plan
3. Implementaton (Combination of work done in sections 1 & 2)
+ Blog article
The topic of the blog post is required to be focussed on:
“How my time at Salford Business School has prepared me for a career in X* for the Post Covid World” *X is to be your career of choice.

Individual Assessment Report structure:
Part A: Analysis – 50 marks:
• This should include identification of at least three main social media trends during this Covid-19 pandemic, providing narrative on notable changes to consumer behaviour by analysing the benefits, problems and challenges faced by businesses in using various social media marketing communication tools within complex global environments.

• You must conduct a Search and Social Media Marketing analysis for the latest
recruitment trends, notable changes in consumer/professional online behaviour and those key skills and attributes that are desired by potential employers, in the area where you would like to work/provide services for. Identify the keywords for main industry specific skills

This should also include identification of a mininmum of three key influencers and individuals who would make employment/hiring decisions or help in your application process Assessment Information/Brief 3

Identify top ten of your competitors in a table. You should conduct a thorough evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses in terms of their use of professional social media profiles – how often do they engage? What are their forms of engagement? What can you learn from their behaviour using social media profiles analysis tools and techniques? From this list, you must identify one competitor website/blog in your chosen field of preferred employment and undertake a comprehensive review of their site ie keywords, images, video etc.

Based on your analysis, identify the strengths and weaknesses and provide narrative on how you plan to utliise for you own individual website/blog. Develop your personal benchmarks that you would like to attain within the given time and set up monitoring processes.

Part B: Plan – 25 marks:
Based on your analysis:
• You must produce a Search and Social Media Marketing strategy for 12 months

• A practical SSMM plan that identifies you as an individual who is looking to establish a career in this field and therefore become a recognisable “brand”

This would include your online profile development with a view to being identified by employers as their preferred candidate of businesses, who might be interested working with you – if for example you are planning to be self-employed etc.

Part C: Practical plan implementation – 25 marks:
• Your personal/professional digital marketing strategy – As part of this process you have to implement your plan, an aspect of which has to be at least one optimised blog post, which will allow you to be noticed by the industry. Consider creating a profile on free platforms such as which allows you to install and customise a WordPress blog. You can choose the platform of your choice. Please show evidence of

Key criteria for your assessment is the development of a digital marketing strategy focusing on content/messaging and implementation of as many SSMM techniques as appropriate for your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) positioning. For example, how you have approached search engine optimisation, social media (including video, audio, etc.) or mobile opportunities. The more of your profiles you manage to rank on the first three pages, the higher your chances of being noticed.

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