NURS1003: You will write a 1600 (+/-10%) argumentative essay on one marginalised population in Singapore: Health and Wellbeing in Social and Cultural Contexts Essay, CU

ULO 1. Demonstrate an appropriate understanding of academic integrity principles and apply academic writing, referencing and acknowledgement conventions required for the discipline.

ULO 2. Demonstrate an understanding of the social determinants of health and illness using anthropological and sociological frameworks.

ULO 3. Analyse social and cultural influences upon the health of marginalised populations

ULO 4. Describe and apply the concepts of cultural security, cultural safety and cultural competence in health care contexts for wellbeing and empowerment within a person-centred framework.

ULO 5. Analyse the relationship between health and human rights in national and global contexts.

This assignment will provide students with an opportunity to understand the impact of marginalisation on vulnerable populations in Singapore and to propose processes for ameliorating the effects of marginalisation on health and wellbeing.

You will write a 1600 (+/-10%) argumentative essay on one marginalised population in Singapore.

One of the challenges facing health professionals is providing health and social support to vulnerable groups, including those who are marginalised due to their identity, association and/ lifestyle. Marginalisation is the social process of being made marginal (being separated from the rest of society, occupying the fringes, and of lower social standing).

Marginalisation, which is often the outcome of stigmatisation and discrimination, has a negative impact on health because marginalised people have poor access to the social determinants of health.

Choose from one of the following marginalised groups to focus your essay

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• Briefly ‘set the scene’ by providing some information about the group who are marginalised (e.g., the size of the population, where they are located or other demographic information)

Provide a thesis statement (i.e., your argument or a justification for your essay. For example: “People who are intersex are marginalised because …“ OR “A human rights approach to reducing the marginalisation of people are homeless will improve social and health outcomes because … ”. Define key terms when you first introduce them in your essay.

Content – use the Sociological Imagination template to structure your essay

Identify historical, cultural and/or structural factors which are contributing to the marginalisation of the population and/or creating barriers to the social determinants of health. Note: these three factors do not have to be of equal weight or word count and should be relevant to being marginalised. For example:
• Historical Factors – have societal attitudes changed in the way the marginalised population is accepted/viewed (e.g., are they more or less stigmatised now than in the past)?

Cultural Factors – what are the issues and factors contributing to stigma and/or discrimination of your allocated population in Singapore? Are these linked to social norms or core social values?
Are there different attitudes within the Singaporean population towards this group (e.g., religious groups, minority groups)?

Structural Factors – what are the barriers to accessing social institutions and resources such as transport, education, employment and health? If relevant, briefly describe services or programs that are targeting the population to reduce inequity and/or marginalisation.

Provide specific and relevant evidence to support the points you make (e.g., statistics, quotes, numbers, dates). You must place your citation directly after each sentence where you have taken information, ideas or data from another source.

Discussion and Analysis
• Your discussion should explain how the main factors identified in the content section are impacting the health and social wellbeing of the marginalised population. For example, you might analyse the impact of key social determinants of health on the population.

Using a human rights approach, provide recommendations to reduce the marginalisation of the population and improve health and wellbeing. Make sure your recommendations are relevant to the diversity and culture of the marginalised population.

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