This assessment requires you to apply your understanding of legal and professional issues: Analysis of Legal and Professional Issues assignment-3, SMU

The Task:

You are asked to analyze the legal and professional issues that arise in one of the two chosen scenarios. Through the use of relevant literature & resources, you need to demonstrate that you have engaged in a critical analysis of the legal and professional issues you have identified in the scenario.

➢ Ensure that you include a correctly filled-out title page with your student ID details.

➢ Choose only one of the below scenarios.

➢ Provide a brief introduction and conclusion to your essay.

➢ Make use of sub-headings if you wish.

➢ Ensure correct application of APA 7 referencing guidelines for in-text citations and on the reference list.

➢ Your analysis of the case should show the following:
– the relevant legal and professional issues relating to the scenario you have chosen.
– reference to relevant Australian and Singapore law and nursing guidelines.

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Assessment requirements:
This assessment requires you to apply your understanding of legal and professional issues. Specifically, this assessment requires you to demonstrate your understanding and application of legal and professional aspects in one of the two case studies below. Remember that this assessment focuses on legal and professional issues, not ethical issues. Thus, for example, even though there may be ethical issues within this scenario, limit your discussion to legal and professional issues.

Case Study A

On a particularly busy night, Pauline accidentally administers a second dose of an anti-hypertensive medication to one of her elderly patients, Olive, who has mild dementia.

The medication error occurred as Pauline did not check to see if the drug had already been signed as given on the medication chart. She reviews Olive’s medical history and notes that her blood pressure is usually quite high. Pauline then decides not to inform anyone about the error as she is concerned that it might reflect poor performance in her new role. She does not inform Olive as she feels it might cause Olive to be anxious if she tells her that she has made a mistake. However, Pauline is worried Olive may get dizzy from the second dose of the medication. She goes to Olive and states firmly she must stay in bed for the next 6 hours.

Case Study B

Due to urinary incontinence, Mr George buzzed every hour and requested that he wanted to go to the toilet. Nurse Jaimie helped Mr George without any assisting devices; however, Jaimie was informed during the handover that a gutter frame should be used when mobilising Mr George. Nurse Jaimie claimed that it was not the first time she was caring for Mr George, and she knew what she was doing.

After assisting Mr George four times, nurse Jaimie started to get impatient. Coincidently, nurse Jaimie needed to take care of another patient who was in pain and who requested a painkiller. She decided to put Mr George on an incontinence pad against his wishes. While she was putting him in an incontinence pad, Jaimie disconnected the buzzer to give everyone a break and suggested Mr George remain in bed.

Mr George was uncomfortable in the pad and hit the buzzer a few times, but no one came to assist him to the toilet, as it was disconnected. He decided to go alone to the toilet and fell and broke his left femur on the way to the bathroom.

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